Causalities of Having Fun

Most of my family and friends already know about this.  But, I thought I should put it down on my blog anyways….

Last November I was snowboarding with a friend at Keystone in Colorado.  It was a very icy day and they had just opened up the back side of the mountain.  I tried getting around a slow skier and my board lost hold on the ice and sent me sliding down the mountainside.  I tried digging in with my board and that caused me to flip backwards pretty hard.  I guess i landed on my wrist because it started hurting.  I thought I had just sprained it.  This is the mentality I took all the way through till mid February when I decided I should get it checked out since it was still hurting and if it was broke I wanted it fixed before mountain biking season started (My real passion)

After going and having it X-Rayed by the Orthopedic surgeon here in Summit County I found out it was definitely broke.  Not only was it broke but it had never healed.  Also since it had never healed I had a cyst that grew in the break.  Therefore they were going to have to operate on me.  They ended up doing a bone graph and screwing the bone back together.  Luckily i live in summit county and had it done here since they have good orthopedic surgeons that deal with this a lot due to all the ski areas around here.

Wrist 1Wrist 2IMG00078-20100304-1349

I am now in a cast for the next 10+ weeks and they are going to try to get me approved for a bone stimulator.  I won’t be biking till June/July so that really sucks.  But, I am able to board, hike, backpack, snowshoe, and other things like that.  Basically anything that doesn’t put too much pressure on my wrist.

I’ll actually be going on a week long backpacking trip in a week down at Canyonlands N.P.  So that should be fun and will also probably be my next post on here.

Snow Sculptures and Snowshoeing

This past weekend My dad and step mom came up to Breckenridge Friday night to take a look at the snow sculpture contest they were having here.  We went out Friday afternoon and looked at the statues.  The people were still working on them but some of them were looking pretty cool.  The next day we came back around 10:30 or so.  And boy, were things different.  It’s amazing how much they transformed in just a day or so.  Some of the sculptures I didn’t really look twice at turned out to be quite amazing.

IMG_3473 IMG_3475 IMG_3486

After they left to head back to Rifle I took Zip and Makers up for a snowshoe hike in Mayflower Gulch.  It is quite the beautiful hike and has some reminisces of a mine at the base of the mountain.  If you look at the full size pic of the mountains you can barely see two tents in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.  That will give you some scale on the photo.  Crazy people sleeping out there in the middle of the winter…. Makes me want to go make a winter trip myself 😉



So, here I am on my last day in the sun. Tomorrow I head back to Salt Lake City, and back to the cold. Today we will be going on a hike for a last thing to do down here. I am not quite ready to go home though. I keep on having conflicting feelings about what to do with my life. I am starting to get very tempted to move down here. I guess I just need to spend more time down here and try and figure out what I really want and if this place would actually work for me. Even if I did want to move however … it would be quite some time before I did it.

Guadalupe –

I went on a little ride with my frineds to Gauadalupe last weekend (it is a small town next to Mesa, AZ).  It was an interesting ride.  It sure did make me thankful for all that I do have.  The people in the small town looked more like they were living in another country rather then here in AZ.  It was as if I took a trip myself to a little mexico I guess.    It’s sad some people are less fortunate but I guess in reality even they have it better then alot of people in the world.  Such as the people when my mom visited Peru how the people lived.  Or when my grandma went to Africa.   It is things like this that make you greatful for your life.  Even though sometimes I wonder if I would have it better off if I did have less.  Sometimes having too much or valuing such things lead to more stress and less hapiness.  Humm … Food for thought.   Well time for me to go take a nap.  Good Day.

I have attached some pictures I have had taken since down here.  I know I have not been taking many photo’s lately but will hopefully be getting more back into that. 

Typhoid Mary

My Last post I showed a wound that i had on my back.  Well ….. Come to find out that little wound devided and conquered.  After probably 7 doctor visits and 11 pockets of puss getting lanced, the doctor cultured my back and ran some tests on it.  It turns out that I have something called MRSA.  And from all this I get the nice present of one hell of a scarred back.  Well anywhoo … I feel like shit at the moment so not going to go into more detail.  But I will leave you with a few new pictures 😉

A Padded cell wouldn’t help

I guess a padded cell wouldn’t have helped me after all.
My latest adventure is now I seem to have a cyst on my back. 
It all started from a tattoo I got on my back (See earlier posts).  I guess the lotion I decided to use made my back break out in acne.  One of the zits got irritated and became a cyst (or absessed ..I don’t rember what they call it).
Well I have now gone to the doctor twice and been cut open and probed around by a knife twice.  Then when she is done cutting me open she proceeds to push on it as hard as she can to try and milk all the infection out of me.
I have been pretty high on pain killers since last friday and was just getting off of them before she decided to dice me open agian today.  So I am now back on them.  I usually hate the stuff and won’t take it, but if I don’t it feels like I have a knife in my back all the time.
Now I just wait for thursday to see if It is still bad.  If so I guess I head off to a surgeon this time.

Continuations of My Lucky Streak

Notice I didn’t say what kind of luck streak I was on 😉
Anyways … where I left off with my last post.  I found out that my jeep has been totaled.  Now I am looking at getting a Subaru.  I would like the WRX but I have to decide if the insurance costs are worth it. 
I have been trying to get a hold of my stress levels and get my life in order.  I need to work on getting a vehicle back, all the insurance stuff taken care of, and getting caught up on my work.  It all seems a little daunting right now but hopefully if I take it bits at a time I can get it taken care of soon.
So I keep on hurting myself but don’t mean to do so.  I hurt myself in the sccident .. then a couple days later stubbed my toe and thought I had broke it.  Then today I was riding my mtn bike around town since I just got it back on thursday.  Well, I was at the park riding around waiting for my friends to get there when I jumped off a little hill.  When I landed on the sidewalk my tire blew out and I went tumbling over it and across the cement / dirt.  I got up and tried fixing my bike but the tire is ruined.  then I noticed all the blood on my shoulder and hand.  I went to Fred Myer to get some stuff to fix myself up then called the roomate to come get me.
I think its just time to lock myself in a padded room for a while.  Maybe if I talk to my roomate possibly he can get me in a room at the mental ward.  Anyways, here are some pics of my wounds.

A little slip and slide

I was on my way back home from Vernal and I decided to take a scenic route home this time instead of taking highway 40 once agian. 
I was going to head west out of Roosevelt and go up over Wolf Creek pass.  I have been once before with my sister and it is a pretty drive.  Well, I got lost on my way to hanna and took a couple wrong turns.  This is when I got out my laptop and was going to get directions with mappoint and my GPS.  At first it tried leading me down a road cloased to all but Tribal Members.  
After finding my way I needed to go to get back on route it started taking me on a dirt road up over a mountian.  On the other side of the mountian as I was going downhill I started running into some hard rain.  I had put it into four wheel drive.  But as I hit a bad patch of mud that didn’t matter.  I ended up sliding off the road and hitting into some trees head on.
Both of my airbags had deployed and the smoke was filling my car.  I sat there for a minute or two because I was a little confused about what had happened.  Then I crawled over and got out of the jeep through the passenger seat since my doore was being blocked by a tree.    So I got out and looked at what I had done.  I realized I didn’t have service with my phone,  So after taking a couple pictures and gathering up myself I put on some shoes and got some warm clothes and started heading down the road until I could get cell service. 
After onlywalking a hundred yards I got a text message from Jonathan, the guy I am dating, asking if I was gonna make it tonight to watch movies and have dinner, I tried calling him but my phone kept getting a lost call.  I finally got through and told him what happened and that I needed to call my siblings to see if someone could come get me.  I got a hold of my brother buy my phone kept dropping the calls and most the words wouldn’t come through.  I decided to try walking a while further to get better reception. 
After 7 miles of walking down the road I finallyg ot cell service and called my brother then called 911.  After they found out where abouts I was I hung up with the dispatch and paitently waited for the officers to come get me. 
After they got me we went back up to the accident and I gave my report and we waited for the tow truck to come get us.  while up there even the officers were sliding all over the road since it was soo muddy.  The tow truck finally got up there and while trying to get my jeep out of the trees he got stuck himself.  He tried to get himself out with his wench but only ended up screwing up his own truck.  Finally after my brother had shown up and all of us got behind the tow truck and pushed we got him unstuck. 
After this we all headed down off the mountian and made out way home.  We finally got to my brothers house at 1:30 AM .. only 6 hours after the accident happened.   I finally passed out from exhaustion then woke up the next day to deal with my mess.
I am still waiting to hear from the insurance company wether they are going to total my jeep or not.  I guess I just wait and see.

My Painful saturday.

So after my trip to the slot canyon I was pretty damn sore and beat up.  But I still got up saturday morning and went mtn biking with my friend Dave.  We rode up little cottonwood canyon and I actually made it to the top even though it almost killed me.  The ride down I was worth the pain I guess (maybe not though since I am having a har time walking at the moment)
After that I went to eat lunch with a friend then went and got me a Tattoo .. YaY.  It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and still to this minute my legs are hurting  a hell of alot more then my tattoo is.  Anyways.  Enough of the fun and now time to get back to my work (which I got a raise at and I am soo excited.)

Must have some blonde left in me

Some times I feel purely like your stereotypical blonde.  I know I don’t get very blonde anymore but I am guessing I am carrying some lingering side effects from my younger years.  This monday I had a total moment that I am ashamed to admit.  Despite the advice of someone I am dating to stay home and take a nap I decided to go run some errands. 
I was just going to get a Jamba Juice, but I decided to skip that and ended up at the liquor store.  I got some vodka and a couple different wines to start stocking up the house.  After that I figured I needed a wine rack to hold the wine bottles.  So I headed for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Well, I forgot I had my bike on top of my jeep at that point and I drove under a sign telling me caution low clearance.  Well I definatly didn’t have enough clearance and it ended up taking my rack and bike completely off my jeep.  It did quite a bit of damage to my Jeep, the rack, my bike, and their sign.  The rest of the night my mind was a mess.  Actually it kept until the next day after I got most of everything taken care of.
Tuesday I was riding my bike downtown because I didn’t feel like driving at that point.  well my bike wheels were squeeking from the accident the previous day and I was trying to figure out which one was doing it … I guess I should have been paying more attention to the road .. seeing how I drove straight into a tree 😦  I decided at that point it was not my day and I wished I could be locked up in a padded cell for a couple days.  Hell, even my horoscope was bad that day.
I ended up going home and watching movies and staying low for the rest of the day to prevent any further injury to myself or anyone else.    So yeah … taking my rack and bike off my jeep, running into trees, and things like that I felt pretty damn stupid.  I guess I may be somewhat smart but I am dumb when it comes to common sense.
Wednsday went better and I am back to feeling normal.  I had a great date with a great guy.  I have a good time when I am around him.  I just guess I hope it continues :).  Anyways, Today has been going good and I am going to go downtown to have lunch with a friend (actually I am already downtown).  Then later tonight I do sushi with my mom and step father.  I look forward to this weekend to get out and take some pictures with my camera.  Its nice having a camera I can be creative with agian.  Even though I am seriously lacking in creativity .. but at least I can do good composure and have an understanding about lighting conditions and such.  I have my dad to thank for that with bringing me up into photography.  He has been great to me in my life and continues to show it every day.


My Boss has once agian amazed me on how nice, helpful, and understanding he is.  I went and talked to him the other night to let him know that I plan on moving in the near future.  Like I have said I have been wanting to keep my job since I really do enjoy my work and I have learned alot from it.  But, I also have come to the conclusion that I need to move out of this area to where I can be around more friends and have the possibility of actualy dating someone.
Well My Boss was completely understanding and told me that I could work from wherever I wanted to that would make me happy.  He also said I could start doing so as soon as I wanted.  That I didn’t have to wait until any specific time.  I was soo thrilled to hear this.  I never imagined I could have a job that I enjoyed this much and a boss soo great and understanding in all of my life.  Always before work was just something to make money so I can live.  I never enjoyed working before and never wanted to go into work.  I rember the days of my old jobs (Both Electrical and Tech Support)  I had to talk myself into going to work every morning because I didn’t enjoy it.  I also would use any excuse not to work.  Wether it be a headache, stomach flu, you name it.  Often times I even did it subconciously.   But now everything has changed.  With this job I actually enjoy working most of the time.  Now don’t get me wrong, even I have my bad days there,  like when I have a huge accounting fiasco to sort out.  But now I don’t mind working my evenings on a project or putting in late nights to get something done.  I never once thought in my life that I would be a workaholic.
Most of the reason’s I love my work soo though is because I have a great boss that is easy to work with.  If I need to take off for a nephews birthday party early he doesn’t have a problem.  I almost always end up making up for the lost hours in the evenings anyways.  I am very fourtunate to have the boss I have.  And just to think he almost didn’t even call me back on my resume when hiring because it was such a horrible resume.  I am glad he took the chance on me and provided me with a job that for once I actually like.
But enough of that, So, February 10th I am going to head down to Phoenix, AZ to see if it is somewhere I would actually like to move.  I am going to go stay down there with my friend Devin for 2-3 weeks.  I just hope he stays off the drugs while I am down there.  If he doesn’t maybe I will just have to go stay elsewhere.  If Phoenix doesn’t work out for me I am not sure where I will end up.  Maybe SLC, but yet agian maybe somewhere farther away like Seattle, or somewhere on the East cost like Philly.  I am not sure where life is taking me right now but I just know for the time being its going to take me out of the basin and maybe out of the state.
Who can say though.  Maybe the end of this Journey I am taking is going to end back up in Good ol’ Vernal, UT  But it is a journey I think I need to take.