Backpacking with the family and my clumsy self.


I went with my family (Mom, Spencer, Andrea, Chase, and Richard) on a trip to Canyonlands to do the backpacking trip I went on three weeks previous.  All 6 of us were able to load up in to Spencer’s Jeep Commander and just throw all of our packs on top of the Jeep.  Thank goodness for huge SUV’s.  We stayed the night in Moab then got up at a decent time Friday morning and drove out to Canyonlands to pick up our permits and get on our way.

You usually have to get a hold of the backcountry office of Canyonlands weeks or months prior to your trip to make sure you can get one of the back country sites reserved.  We applied 3 weeks in advance and I didn’t get any of my first choices.  But I do have to say, every one of the sites I’ve came across are amazing and each have a killer view.  So we got to the visitor center around 9 AM, got the whole spill about back country etiquette (where to walk and not to walk, having  to carry out our own TP, not to touch any artifacts, etc) and obtained our permits.  Off to Squaw Flats campground B we went to start our trip.

I made it a whole 2 1/2 hours into the trip before I had my clumsy moment.  I was trying to take a picture of the family by propping up my camera on a cliff, when, someone started talking to me and I got distracted.   Well, I lost my balance with my 40 lb pack on my back and went tumbling down the rocks.  I ended up hitting my head a little and sprained my ankle, though a minor sprain.  Luckily it wasn’t too far to camp and I was able to take off my boots, wrap my ankle, and elevate it for a while.  I ended up going with everyone later that evening in search of water.  We ended up hiking around 2 miles before we reached enough water to filter through.  Then we made our way back to camp and I stayed up that night until a late 9 PM (That’s pretty late for backpacking).

The next morning we packed up and hiked over to our next campground up in Chesler Park.  We took a look at the cowboy graffiti which had sayings like “Negro Bill Never Worked and Never Will” and nicknames like Silver Dick scribed into the rock with charcoal.  There was even a cartoon character of one of the cowboys.  We set up camp just beyond the cowboy graffiti and ate some lunch before setting off on our day hike.  For our day hike we packed up our water filters, containers, and some snacks and headed up to Druid Arch.  This has to be one of my favorite places in Canyonlands and is why I drug my family down there.  The view from the base of Druid arch is just amazing.  We made it up there a little after 1 PM and relaxed up there for a bit before heading back down.  We stopped off at the same water source we went to the day before and filled up on all the water we could fit.

Back at camp I relaxed for a couple hours and even fell asleep drooling and snoring.  I woke back up and hung out with the family and had my yummy chili and mac frozen dinner (Everything tastes good when your backpacking… well, almost everything).  Then I retired back to my tent and read one of my books where I had tore a couple chapters out of.  That night I laid in my tent listening to my brother and his son having a war of farts.  I’m glad I was able to stay away from their battlefield.

The next morning we packed up our stuff and made the 8 mile trip back to the Jeep through some amazing and beautiful country.  We even stopped at the crack where my previous trip had had an incident of one of our members falling in the crack and getting stuck.  Chase crawled down in the crack and fetched himself a lost Nalgene bottle.  After back to the jeep and changed in some fresh clothes, we headed out to the needles outpost and grabbed us a 6 pack of Windermere Hefewiezen.  Then a stop in Moab for Pizza at Zax.  MMMMmmmmm.

What a great trip and all.  Was really fun to go on one with the family for once.  And I sure am glad the sprain was minor and was able to still hike it all.


Caving adventures with Grandma

I know I have taken a hiatus from posting about my adventures.  But after this last time I decided I should get back to posting them.  This starts off by my latest adventure that involved my grandma.  She came down to Arizona to visit her brother and sister and suggested we take the weekend and drive over to Carlsbad Caverns.  It was a bit more of a drive than I expected but it was well worth it.

Here are some of the pictures I took from inside the cave.  I’ll also post some links.

Carlsbad Caverns

We also signed up for a guided tour and I would definitely recommend this (Plus there are cute rangers that go with you)

Kings Palace

View Carlsbad Caverns

On the Mountian with the kids

I went back out to Vernal yet agian last weekend to help my brother and sister watch their kids.  My Brother ended up going to Colorado to compete in some race (he took third place … out of three people in his division) and my sister had to work and go to some wedding.  Friday night we just hung out and slept on the trampoline with all four of them.  We all fell asleep watching the stars.  On Saturday we went to the movies and after that we headed up into the mountians and set up camp at Red Canyon campground on Flaming Gorge resivoir. 

We went for a little hike around the rim after setting up camp then came back and started cooking our hobo dinners.  After eating dinner I tried to do a sad attempt at starting a fire so the kids could roast marshmellows.  I forgot my boy scout fluid so I think I ended up inhaling too much smoke before I found out pine cones are a good way to start a fire.

After that we went and stared at the stars agian to fall asleep.  We tried picking out constellations in the stars and I think Chase the oldest found 5 different big dippers 😉 
In the morning while I was picking up camp they spotted a pretty big blow snake.  I bet it was close to 5 feet long and it was interesting watching it. 
After that we headed down off the mountian and concluded our trip up in to the mountians.  I was suprised at how easy it was to have all 4 kids up there.  Usually having all of them drives me insane but this time it was actually very enjoyable.  I guess I will have to do it more

Going to Vernal for Mothers day

I went back home to vernal for mothers day.  I ended up staying at my my brother’s and sister’s appartments while there.  I brought my grandma out with me so it was a nice trip over all.  I had a great time being with the kids and taking pictures of them with my new camera.  Even though it made me depressed and still makes me depressed looking at the pictures even now.  It just reminds me how much I miss them.  I went mtn biking down Red Mountian and that was a fun time.  I will post some pictures from that trip on here if I can get this damn thing to work.  I don’t think it likes IE 7 beta 2.


Well Christmas is finally over and done with.  Thank goodness.  I think December is the hardest and most depressing time of the year.  This December however turned out to be a decent one for once.  First I got to go to a microsoft conference wich I have always wanted to do, Then I got to have Robbie come and stay with me for 10 days.  Which was also really nice.  Then I got a really nice christmas bonus so I could do the rest of my shopping for presents without having to worry about money.  And I even got to pay off a bunch of my bills too.  So all in all this christmas was better then some have been.  It did sorta suck having the family split up but that will just take some getting used to. 
I got a couple suprise presents from Robbie and that was cool.  He put them under the tree so I didn’t know he had gotten me anything.  I hope to make it down there to visit him in January some time.  I was thinking of going down rodeo weekend but I will have to see how I sit financially.  But, Anywhoo,   Its time for me to get serious at work once agian and try to get caught up.
I just hate these accounting messes I get some times.  Like today for example I have to figure out why they are off a half a million in revenue .. that is if they are in fact off that much.  Time will tell I guess.  But I better get back on my mess.  I will post some pictures of X-Mas today and hopefully more when I get some from the siblings.

Twinkies and Family Reunions

So, Trenedy has found the love of very unhealthy junk food thanks to her Dad.  Her newest favorite thing to do is stuff her face with Twinkies.  Its a sure way to get her on your side in any situation.  We were driving home and she was being restless so we gave her a Twinkie.  This calmed her down and gave her something to occupy her time / mouth.  The only problem was that she stuffed too much of it in her mouth at once and started gagging on the twinkie.  She ended up throwing up all over herself plus all over her sisters head (Anwyn was sleeping with her head next to Trenedy).  So we pulled off the side of the road and stripped her down then got back on our way home.  We gave her more twinkies a little while later when we were sure she wasn’t sick.  I have attached some photos of her stuffing her face with Twinkies. 
I convinced my mom that she had to go to the Reunion this year (In the past it has just been my sister and I).  It was a good time and even though they are a religious group of people we still had a good time catching up on things.  The best part about our family reunions is that they only last 2-3 hours tops.   I couldn’t deal with a whole weekend of a family reunion 😉  Afterwards we went up to SLC and stayed at the motel  I went swimming but the pool and hot tub were packed thanks to all the people in SLC for Mormon Conference.  Afterwards I went to the bar and had wayy too much to drink with my friend Roger.  I ended up stumbling back to the motel afterwards.  The rest of the weekend I enjoyed a nice relaxing time with a friend at the house.  But now I have to get back to work and see if I can find what I did with my Mind.

Corn Maze with the kids

For my weekend this weekend I went on a Blind Date.  I had a great time and glad I went on it.  it was very refreshing to get out and have a good time out on the town.  We kept running into my brother and his girlfriend that night.  Went to the same resturant and to the same movie.  Then saturday I went to my bosses house with my sister and all the kids (3 neices and one nephew).  They played with my bosses kids while I hung a porch light for him.  It was nice to get up to his house and visit his family.  I ended up cutting my fingers open with a razor knife and felt soo bad about doing that up there.  I hate having them worry about me after I hurt myself.  Plus I felt bad about getting blood all over their house.
After we got done at my bosses we went to the corn maze.  This was really fun for the kids and had a great time with us.  Towards the end of having our day at the corn maze there were some amazing storm clouds that were rolling through.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of them but my little camera wouldn’t have bee able to do it justification.  The kids were having a great time jumping around on the hay stacks, and Chase, the crazy kid he is, kept trying to jump really far and would just slam into the side of the hay bails and would drop to the ground like a cartoon.  As soon as it started raining we headed back home then I got to watch all 4of the kids the rest of the night.  All in all it was a pretty good and relaxing weekend.  Well with exception to staying up till 11:30 at night on sunday working to get a customer’s server thats located in Atlanta up and running.  Then I got woken up by them this morning at 5 AM (The joys).  So here I am its just after 8AM monday morning and I have pretty much already been working for 3 hours.  Only 7 more hours left to go till i can go home and relax a little.  Hopefully I can take a little power nap before my date tonight.

Lagoon with the family

I went to SLC with the Family as planned an picked my dad up from the airport for a weekend.  It was a really good time and I had alot of fun.  But, at the same time it was hard also.  It was really good to have all the siblings and grand kids togther with my dad but it was depressing at the same time because we knew he had to go back to his personal hell once sunday came.  We got into SLC late thursday and went to Best Buy to try and take my brothers video card back to trade it for the right one.  He had gotten a PCI Express instead of an AGP and of course when he got home he had torn the box completely apart (Too Excited I guess).  But the guy at Best Buy seemed to understand how those things go.  So we got the new card which turned out to be $40 cheaper.
After that we went and ate at red lobster (the kids kept dipping EVERYThing in the butter.  It was making me sick)
Then we headed to the hotel and played in the pool till we were wiped out. 
In the morning we went and picked my dad up and went to a sportsman’s show.  I ended up with Rylee coloring things in the back.  After that we headed up to Lagoon for the day.  It was alot of fun and we went on some cool rides.  Chase even went on the collosus and this swing that pulls you way up in the air then you go flying back and forth.  I ended up going on a sling shot like ride with my sister.  This was the highest ride in the park and you sit in a little ball shaped cage and then get shot up in the air.  Then you bounce up and down for a couple minutes.  Talk about a thrill.  we did alot of other rides like the rattle snake rapids and everyone seemed to have a great time.  we eneded up leaving around 9 PM up to Park City after grabbing some dinner.   I was soo wiped out that night and ended up sleeping in till around 9:30 the next morning.
The next day we went to Park City mountian resort and went down the alpine slides and did some mountian biking.  The alpine slides were a blast as we raced down the tracks.  When my brother and I went down mountian biking for the second time though I crashed hard and went head first into the ground.  I heard my neck snap several times and got up with a peice of my lip on my shirt (Ouch!).  After this we headed out for another family dinner then headed back to the motel room.
On Sunday we ended up going to the Zoo.  This was a nice day to do this but the kids were gettin really tired and cranky.  So after about three hours we had had enough and took my dad back to the airport.   It was really hard seeing him leave and left me in quite the mood even still to this date.  I hope he can get away from that town and closer to home soon.  I know it will probably be January before he gets to leave that place.  But, I can always hope for sooner.
When I got back to work on monday I was quite tired and in a cranky mood.  Probably due to being depressed, sleep deprivation, and going to work at 5 AM.  I ended up bitching a couple people out before the days end which I rarely do.  So, after I had had a rough day at work and the guy I am currently seeing telling me that we need to move slower… my brain was fried and emotionally drowned.  I ended up going home early at 3:30 and chatted with the guy I am seeing’s Ex-boyfriend.  After a while of that I went to a movie with my friend Bill to get my mind off of things (Thanks Bill). then went home and tried to sleep some of it off.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride of a weekend I guess.  I can’t wait to get back into a normal swing of things.  Wether that be with a bf or without one I will just have to wait and see.
But time to get back to work and try to figure out a couple of these strange issues.