Crashing with a smack to the head.

After my last post I headed up to the same set of trails with my step-father Richard.  We went on the Bar-M to the Killer-A Trail.  It was a fun trail but a bit more technical than the last one.  I made it fine through the whole trail though.  But on the ride back to the FJ I was playing around on the dirt road and jumping off of smaller rocks.  Well I hit one and caught a little air.  But when I landed I landed wrong (Like I do all too often) and wrecked pretty damn bad.  I think my head was the first to hit, then the seat went up my ass and my shoulder and side skidded along the ground. (I think that’s about how it went at least).  Well I got back up and rode back to the FJ.  After getting back to camp and examining myself I found out I had cracked open my helmet.  I guess that’s a testament to using helmets.  I’m sure my brains would be scrambled pretty bad if it wasn’t for the helmet.  And I defiantly would have been taking a trip to the ER rather than to the Brewpub for Beers and good food.


I don’t have any pictures of the wreck itself but here is some of the view and my helmet.IMG_2184 


Biking with the Family in Moab.

I got to Moab last night at 11:30.  We stayed in an “interesting” motel.  But it wasn’t really that bad.  In the morning I met with the siblings and we headed out to go Biking.  We got up to the trailhead and headed out.  About 1/4 of a mile into it Richard’s rear derailed broke 😦  So he had to hike back to the car.  we headed on and told him to take the car back and we would just ride into town.  It was amazing riding XC on the slick rock here in Moab.  I can see why everyone likes to come here biking.  I was surprised the kids did so well.  We ended up riding 15.5 miles total.

Moab Trails

My Usual Mtn Biking Route.

Well I decided to try and give my new GPS a try on my bike (It came with a bike mount).  This is the trail I usually follow.  The route is 6.5 miles long  with a total elevation change of 720 feet.  It usually takes me just under an hour to ride it.

Dreamy Draw Bike Ride

Exercise Thrills and Woes

Yesterday I decided I was over my cold enough to go mountain biking.  So I went up to my usual spot up at the North Mountain Preserve area which sits here in the middle of Phoenix.  I had a great ride though I was still not at 100%.  I went on a few new trails but mostly my regulars seeing how I didn’t want to push myself too much.   It was 80 degrees and the sky was overcast so I decided to grab some pictures since the mountains weren’t too blown out.  I snapped the pictures in part of hopes to lure my lil sis down here sometime to visit me and go biking with me.  I don’t think these photos does the place justice so I’ll just have to go back and get better ones.

Anyways, when I went to leave I had loaded my bike up on the roof rack.  I’ve been using the rack that I had bought for Sean’s bike the past while.  I’m not sure why but I guess in part because it looks more stable and makes the bike not sit so high.  When I went to leave I felt a little bump as i drove forward.  Then I noticed the guy down on the end of the parking lot give me a funny look.  That’s when I realized I had forgotten to put my bike’s tire in the back of my jeep 😦

After running over my tire I took it to a local bike shop to see how bad it is.  I feared for the worst but hoped for the best seeing how I had spent several hundred on that rim the last time I had an accident 😦  When I got there and told them what had happened they were surprised at the shape the rim was in .  But it was in pretty bad shape still.  He told me they might be able to get it somewhat straight but told me most likely if they did fix it that it would have more problems not too far down the road.  So I had them price out  a new set of rims.  I ended up going with a much cheaper model for now … which sucks.  But it’s all I could afford right now.  $100 was still more than I should be paying for bike parts right now but I did need it fixed so I can go on my trip to Moab in two weeks.

I finally got my bike tire picked up from the shop around 6:45 … so it was time to book it over to the Phoenix Rock Gym for my first get together with the Phoenix Rock Climbing Group off of  I had a blast climbing thanks to Lori from the meetup group.  Her and her regular climbing partner Matt let me come be a third wheel with them.  We cool turns climbing, belaying, and looking for the next route.  It actually worked out pretty good I think.  I ended up climbing for about two hours before I was dead tired.  I guess next time maybe I shouldn’t go biking just before I go climbing 🙂

Mountain Biking

Well I have gotten the Mtn Biking Fever lately.  I just can’t seem to get enough of it.  I guess it’s a good thing and I better do as much as I can while I still can.  Soon it will be so hot I will only be able to ride in the wee hours of the morning before the sun comes out, or drive a couple hours where it’s cool enough to ride.

I’ve been spending most of my time on a trail system here in the phoenix valley.  It’s Trail 100 and it runs from 7th Ave over to Tatum.  It basically skirts on the north side of the North Mountain and the Phoenix Mountains.  It’s a really fun trail to bike on but can be a killer of a ride.  I have only ridden it in sections so far.  It’s a 10.7 mile trip one way.  I guess my ultimate goal would be to do a round trip of the path.  The first time I did a 6 mile trip, next time I did a round trip that totaled 7 miles, and Monday I did an 8 mile round trip ride.

I have my bike loaded up on my Jeep and am waiting to head up there to do another ride.  I’m not sure what section I’m going to ride today and how long of a ride I am going to do.  I guess I will decide once I get there.  I wouldn’t mind going on a route that takes me close to the wildflowers so I can take some pictures of them. 

I feel elevated that I found an outdoor escape within this monstrosity of a city.  The other day when I was out hiking with a friend on Trail 100 I think we heard some coyotes.  They were barking and howling like them and there wasn’t anyone in sight that had dogs that would have been making the noises.  So I think there were some out there.  It was a tad bit creepy.

Starting the Abortion Process

So I have started my workout regimen.  Sunday I went mtn. Biking, Monday I went to the Gym and then swam laps, yesterday I went on another mtn. bike Ride.  The one I went on yesterday was a killer for this out of shape body of mine.  But it felt good to get out there and push myself.  There was a couple hills thought that I took a look at and said hell no .. they can’t expect me to ride up this.  Some I did, two I ended up walking my bike up it (I’d like to see anyone ride up them)  Great news is that this cool trail is only like 10 minutes from my house so it’s easy to get to and also, there are a lot of variations.  So I’m sure I’ll be back there.  I’ll post a few pics I took while on the ride.  IMG_1283 IMG_1290 IMG_1287

Aborting the Baby

So after going hiking and having my back hurting soo much lately I have decided it’s time to Abort the Baby.  I have been carrying it far too long now.  I had a little bit of one going on before I moved to AZ.  But since I have moved to AZ i have felt like I have blown up like a blimp and I feel I look like I am 9 months pregnant.  Though in actuality I am probably more like 3 years pregnant.  So I have come to the realization it is time to abort.  Abort Abort, Chuck it down the Gutter and Bring me another Lover as Patsy and Eddie would say.

I have started getting back into my routine of going to the gym at least three days a week and then doing cardio 3 days a week whether it be on my mountain bike, swimming, or hiking.  Since I have come to that realization I have now been hiking up a couple of the peaks here in Phoenix including Squaw Peak (though I had to stop a few times because my back hurt).  And I’ve been mountain biking several places around the valley including an extremely fun competition track in the McDowell Mountains.  I want to go back to that track because the wildflowers were absolutely beautiful and I would love to take some pictures of them along the way.

I have attached one of the pictures I took from Squaw Peak.  I know they are shitty pics, but what can you expect from a camera phone (remember my good camera got stolen)

img012 img013

Continuations of My Lucky Streak

Notice I didn’t say what kind of luck streak I was on 😉
Anyways … where I left off with my last post.  I found out that my jeep has been totaled.  Now I am looking at getting a Subaru.  I would like the WRX but I have to decide if the insurance costs are worth it. 
I have been trying to get a hold of my stress levels and get my life in order.  I need to work on getting a vehicle back, all the insurance stuff taken care of, and getting caught up on my work.  It all seems a little daunting right now but hopefully if I take it bits at a time I can get it taken care of soon.
So I keep on hurting myself but don’t mean to do so.  I hurt myself in the sccident .. then a couple days later stubbed my toe and thought I had broke it.  Then today I was riding my mtn bike around town since I just got it back on thursday.  Well, I was at the park riding around waiting for my friends to get there when I jumped off a little hill.  When I landed on the sidewalk my tire blew out and I went tumbling over it and across the cement / dirt.  I got up and tried fixing my bike but the tire is ruined.  then I noticed all the blood on my shoulder and hand.  I went to Fred Myer to get some stuff to fix myself up then called the roomate to come get me.
I think its just time to lock myself in a padded room for a while.  Maybe if I talk to my roomate possibly he can get me in a room at the mental ward.  Anyways, here are some pics of my wounds.

Must have some blonde left in me

Some times I feel purely like your stereotypical blonde.  I know I don’t get very blonde anymore but I am guessing I am carrying some lingering side effects from my younger years.  This monday I had a total moment that I am ashamed to admit.  Despite the advice of someone I am dating to stay home and take a nap I decided to go run some errands. 
I was just going to get a Jamba Juice, but I decided to skip that and ended up at the liquor store.  I got some vodka and a couple different wines to start stocking up the house.  After that I figured I needed a wine rack to hold the wine bottles.  So I headed for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Well, I forgot I had my bike on top of my jeep at that point and I drove under a sign telling me caution low clearance.  Well I definatly didn’t have enough clearance and it ended up taking my rack and bike completely off my jeep.  It did quite a bit of damage to my Jeep, the rack, my bike, and their sign.  The rest of the night my mind was a mess.  Actually it kept until the next day after I got most of everything taken care of.
Tuesday I was riding my bike downtown because I didn’t feel like driving at that point.  well my bike wheels were squeeking from the accident the previous day and I was trying to figure out which one was doing it … I guess I should have been paying more attention to the road .. seeing how I drove straight into a tree 😦  I decided at that point it was not my day and I wished I could be locked up in a padded cell for a couple days.  Hell, even my horoscope was bad that day.
I ended up going home and watching movies and staying low for the rest of the day to prevent any further injury to myself or anyone else.    So yeah … taking my rack and bike off my jeep, running into trees, and things like that I felt pretty damn stupid.  I guess I may be somewhat smart but I am dumb when it comes to common sense.
Wednsday went better and I am back to feeling normal.  I had a great date with a great guy.  I have a good time when I am around him.  I just guess I hope it continues :).  Anyways, Today has been going good and I am going to go downtown to have lunch with a friend (actually I am already downtown).  Then later tonight I do sushi with my mom and step father.  I look forward to this weekend to get out and take some pictures with my camera.  Its nice having a camera I can be creative with agian.  Even though I am seriously lacking in creativity .. but at least I can do good composure and have an understanding about lighting conditions and such.  I have my dad to thank for that with bringing me up into photography.  He has been great to me in my life and continues to show it every day.