Biking in Fruita with friends

This past weekend I went to Fruita, CO to go mountain biking with a few of my friends.  It turned out to be a great weekend to go mtn biking nice and sunny but not too hot.  I don’t think there are going to be many of those weekends left before the summer heat hits that area. 

I took my trusty old Specialized Epic (It’s now 5 or 6 years old .. but still working GREAT) and drove west with Zip in my jeep.  We got there around 6 or so with two Jeff’s following me.  Jeffrey from SLC whom I’ve been friends with now for I think 13 years, and a new friend Jeff that lives in Avon.

Over the weekend I was able to get 5 amazing bike rides in.  This area is Full of amazing cross country rides with some fun downhill sections in each of them.  One of the more thrilling downhill descents is to go down Kesslers Run.  But each of the runs have their own special parts.






Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking and didn’t take many pictures this weekend.  I didn’t even pull out my camera until the last day on the last run which only Jeffrey (from UT) and I went on.  So here is my only pictures from the weekend …


Biking and Rafting in Moab

This past weekend I decided to join Doug in Moab for some mountain biking.

I went down Thursday and drove to Canyonlands N.P..  I didn’t get there till 10:30 so all the camp sites were taken up already 😦  I turned around and drove down the road a ways and found some side dirt road and ended up camping behind some tree for the night.  In the morning I woke up early and headed out to Mesa Arch to grab this shot:

Mesa Arch

After this I headed into town to the local book stores looking for some books on the trails (And a book by National Geographic Adventure)  I found both and decided to go up Amasa Back Trail.  Afterwards I met up with Doug and his friends at the Big Bend campground.  Then we decided to take a ride down the road and head up the Porcupine Trail (though we didn’t make it far .. it got too dark).

The next day we went rafting down the Colorado.  We didn’t hit many rapids since it’s late in the season.  But, we sure did have fun.  Afterwards we rode the MOAB brand trails (Bar M, Circle O, Rockin A, and Bar B) then had dinner at Eddie McStiff’s.

On Sunday we decided to take Zip out and go try riding with him.  I guess we maybe should have chose an easier trail, but he did surprisingly well.  He kept up the whole time and seemed to be having a great time.  Anyways, we decided to go on the infamous Slick Rock Trail.  Boy did it kick my ass though.  It was both strenuous and technical,  but, I sure did have a great time.  I don’t think I’ve ever sweated soo hard before.  I had salt soaked up in my shirt and helmet.

All in all a great weekend in Moab I must say.  48 miles of biking and having a great time with great people.  Can’t ask for much more 😉

Biking Roho


So I finally decided to do the Wednesday night group ride here in Vernal.  I have been putting it off for the past while because it intimidated me when I would get seriously winded and some times want to puke my guts out on “Mellow” Monday.  So I kept asking myself .. if this is mellow, what is a regular ride like?  Well I finally found out.  Of course the first time out I ended up going on a black diamond run (Very technical).  While at first I didn’t think this was the best choice … it may have been better that way.  Since my handicap is the cardio portion.  I don’t have the endurance most the guys have that do XC.  But I did make up for it in the technical sections for the most part.  Well with the exception of wrecking three times.  But at least I fared better than two of the other guys riding.  One of them got a dislocated pinky finger and thrashed his leg.  The other guy sprained his ankle.

Anyways,  The trail was AMAZING and though it kicked my ass I can’t wait to do it again.


Biking Vernal’s Flume Trail


I went on the mellow Monday ride with some of the Vernal Bikers last night down the Flume trail up Dry Fork canyon here outside Vernal, UT.  I must say it is probably one of my favorite trails in the area.  Not only that but it is the type of biking that first got me into Mtn Biking.  It is an amazing trail that winds through aspen and pine trees, through meadows of wildflowers, and along side a raging river (at least this time of the year it is raging).  I would recommend the trail to anyone visiting or passing through the Vernal area.

For some reason the trail maps and descriptions aren’t on either of the Mtn Biking websites for this area .. but that will soon change.  As I am now working with Troy Boy from Altitude Cycle to re-do their website and make it easier to add/maintain trail descriptions, maps, and pictures.  Wish me luck with my new Project!

I’ll try to add a map and trail guide here soon.  I didn’t have my GPS unit with me last time I rode the trail so hopefully I can go on it again soon and map it out myself.

IMG_2501 IMG_2502

Biking Jazz/Chrome Molly

Yesterday I finally biked Jazz Chrome Molly all the way though.  The trail we took was 6.4 miles according to my GPS.  It has three what I’d like to call Puke hills.  I was fighting to keep my Sushi down for the first 1/2 of the trail.  But after I ate shit while going along a ridgeline tumbling down the side of the hill, it must have kicked in some endorphins because I felt great after that.  I didn’t feel the need to waste those yummy Spider and Fire Breathing Dragon rolls.  All in all it was a really good ride.  Now I just need to get to where I can do it all without stopping.

Jazz-Chrome Molly

Renegades a Red

My brother, sister, Joel, and myself went down Red Mountain on my brother new trail last night.  We also participated in our new ritual of building a fire at the end of the trail, roasting some links, and drinking a few beers.  We didn’t get home until 11 PM.  So made for a long but fun night.

Here are a few pictures I got to take.  Next time we need to go earlier so I can get some better pictures.

Joel Joel

  Spencer Spencer

Biking in Grand Junction, CO

My brother called me Thursday evening and told me that there was a Fat Tire Festival in Fruita, CO over the weekend.  He wasn’t able to go since he had other stuff to do.  When I mentioned it to my lil sis she really wanted to go.  After a short talk to her Girlfriend she had a go ahead on heading to GJ for the weekend.  It was an easy sell since Mandy wanted to get out of the house anyways and also loves to go visit her sister.

We got to Junction around 8:30 which was just in time to order some food from the bar her sister worked at before they closed down.  Thanks to Mandy insisting on having Yager-Bombers with our beer, we were all pretty damn trashed by the end of the night :-/  So in the morning we all woke up with pretty bad hangovers.

 Mandy getting a little too frisky Andrea kissing her prince Mandy climbing on top of a woman Andrea riding the Elk Drunk Driving

We hit the trail on an amazing ride just outside of Grand Junction on the Tabeguache trail system.  We ended up going on the Miramonte/Lemon Squeeze loop.  It has one hell of an uphill for the first 1/3 of the trail then a bunch of downhill with some more uphill then one more downhill on a crazy switchback.

Miramonte/Lemon Squeeze Trail

The sad part of the whole weekend is that we were supposed to go to the festival Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  But Saturday evening it was storming pretty bad and by the time we got there Sunday they were packing up the Festival 😦  No Fat Tire beer garden for me 😦

Andrea taking a break Andrea Biking Me Biking Overview of the trails Overview of the trails Andrea riding down the Switchbacks

Mtn Biking

Since I’ve been back to vernal I’ve been mtn. biking a few times.  The first time I went on a cross country trail with my lil sis just west of Vernal out in the McCoy Flats.  We decided to go on Milk and Cookies for our first time out.  It was a great time.  Part of the way through though my pedal came off my bike.  I was able to put it back on thankfully and continue with our ride.

Cookies and Cream


Today I went with my brother down Red Mtn. My bike was in the shop so I used his extra downhill bike, the same one I used in Moab to go down porcupine rim.   I got to try out the single track trails my brother has been working on.  It sure was fun.  Though there are some drops I don’t think I’ll ever hit.  Seeing how they are 5 or 6 foot drops.  Towards the end I was taking pictures and one of the guys I was riding with tried to pull off a 180 and instead crashed and landed right on me.  I only got a picture of him doing part of the 180.  I wish I would have had it on video.  Probably would have been a lot more exciting.

Red Mountain – 5.3 Mile One Way Trip

Red Mtn Biking Trail

Porcupine Rim

On the second day of riding and the third ride in Moab it was Spencer’s turn to decide where to go.  We ended up going to Porcupine Rim which borders Castle Valley and has the La Sal mountains as a backdrop.

We had first parked at a trailhead to a short section that would bypass a bunch of the climbing on the bikes.  But after getting our bikes off the cars a Van toting a bunch of bike riders and their bikes drove past us.  We decided to load the bikes back up and find where they were starting.  It turns out they knew a better route that tacks on an additional 6 miles to the already 14 mile trail.  The first section of trail was north facing and thus had snow and mud still.  It was a mess trying to get our bikes down the steep hillside.  But we all managed to do it without getting too dirty.  Then we had to hike up the other side to the portion of the trail we were going to ride.   At the top we got the first real glimpse of the amazing view and trail we were going to be experiencing.  The trail was nice wet sand and broken slick rock that Moab is famous for.  The backdrop was the La Sal mountains on one side and Arches National Park with the tall red sandstone cliffs bordering the Colorado River on the other.  And off to the side was Castle Creek with its spires.  And on top of all that, we were riding along the edge of a 100+ foot cliff face.

Within the first 5 minutes of riding the downhill portion I didn’t get off to the best start.  I decided to do this drop and though I made it fine off the drop my feet fell off the pedals after I had landed.  My chest went into the handlebars, the pedal tore up my leg, and the rear wheel ate my ass!  My sister tried asking if I was okay and every time I would try to talk all I would let out is weird sounds.  After 5-10 minutes I was able to regain my breathing and make sure I was okay.  I got back on my bike and just went gung ho on the trail.  Though a little more cautious about the pedals from there on out.

The first 15 or so miles were all double track with a lot of places to drop off and some places for my brother to jump off of.  The remaining five miles were extremely technical single track that you teetered onto the edges of the cliff face.

I found out the next day (Today) that 11 people have died on that trail from wrecking and falling off the edges of those cliffs.  Pretty Crazy huh!

Here’s the map of the usual route.  This isn’t with the additional 6 miles tacked on.


Here’s a video of Spencer Jumping off a ledge.