Causalities of Having Fun

Most of my family and friends already know about this.  But, I thought I should put it down on my blog anyways….

Last November I was snowboarding with a friend at Keystone in Colorado.  It was a very icy day and they had just opened up the back side of the mountain.  I tried getting around a slow skier and my board lost hold on the ice and sent me sliding down the mountainside.  I tried digging in with my board and that caused me to flip backwards pretty hard.  I guess i landed on my wrist because it started hurting.  I thought I had just sprained it.  This is the mentality I took all the way through till mid February when I decided I should get it checked out since it was still hurting and if it was broke I wanted it fixed before mountain biking season started (My real passion)

After going and having it X-Rayed by the Orthopedic surgeon here in Summit County I found out it was definitely broke.  Not only was it broke but it had never healed.  Also since it had never healed I had a cyst that grew in the break.  Therefore they were going to have to operate on me.  They ended up doing a bone graph and screwing the bone back together.  Luckily i live in summit county and had it done here since they have good orthopedic surgeons that deal with this a lot due to all the ski areas around here.

Wrist 1Wrist 2IMG00078-20100304-1349

I am now in a cast for the next 10+ weeks and they are going to try to get me approved for a bone stimulator.  I won’t be biking till June/July so that really sucks.  But, I am able to board, hike, backpack, snowshoe, and other things like that.  Basically anything that doesn’t put too much pressure on my wrist.

I’ll actually be going on a week long backpacking trip in a week down at Canyonlands N.P.  So that should be fun and will also probably be my next post on here.

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