A trip to Dillon, CO to visit Doug

I decided to head over to Dillon, CO for the weekend to meet someone that I’ve been chatting with online.  When I got here we sat at a park in Dillon and listened to a live bluegrass band.  Once we decided we couldn’t fend off the hunger anymore we went to a cool little joint called The Pub Down Under.  They sure did have great burgers there .. mmmmm.

The next day Doug had to work so I took Zip hiking up to the Tomahawk lakes by Breckenridge,.  We started at the wrong trailhead and ended up hiking an additional 5 miles.  So we went 8 miles total with an elevation gain of 1,800 ft.  The trail took us through a pine forests, meadows, past several waterfalls, and up steep mountainsides to a couple of lakes.

IMG00005-20090829-1322 IMG00006-20090829-1429

Tomahawk Lakes

After Doug got off work we headed down to Old Chicago for dinner with some of his friends.

The next day he didn’t have to work so we ended up going on a 10 mile hike which starts in Vail and heads up to Deluge Lake.  It sure was pretty with the crystal blue lake and the jagged mountain peaks in the background.  It rained on us a few times during the hike but was actually pretty refreshing.  I ended up taking a short nap at the lake before we headed back down.  What a perfect hike.

DelugeLakewithDoug IMG00007-20090830-1607 IMG00008-20090830-1630

Deluge Lake

Deluge Elevation Profile

I do think Zip was pretty wore out from the evening since he pretty much laid around and slept all of Monday.  He has his energy back today though and is causing trouble with my dad’s dogs (He wants to play but they don’t)

And Now I’m back in Rifle for the day.  Then I’m off to Vernal tonight to switch out a UPS battery and get my dog neutered 😦

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