IMG_1852I came home from my backpacking trip today and my sister told me I needed to come by for a surprise she had for me.  When I got there I found she had gotten me a dog 😀

It was a surprise for sure.  But, I really do like him and he’ll be great to take around with me.  He’s a blue healer mix so he’ll be great to take with me hiking and biking.  Plus he’s pretty relaxed and great around other people and animals.   Just the kind of dog I need 🙂

Backpacking in Lakeshore Basin – Eastern Uintas

I needed to take a break and get away from some things and so I decided to go for a short overnight backpacking trip.  I planned out a short trip with some advisements from my brother Spencer.  I started at Ashley Twin Lakes after a trip though rocky roads and crossing through streams.  While checking out Ashley Twin Lakes I did notice one other person on the opposite side of the lake.  I’m not sure where his vehicle was … he must have taken a different split off road since I was at the end of the road and no cars in sight.

This was the last sign I saw of anyone for the rest of the trip.  I hiked up 6 miles through pine forests, meadows, marshes, and along a few lakesides.  I only saw one deer the whole time though 😦  After reaching the point I had marked to turn off the trail (Wasn’t much of a trail though the whole way) I hiked up around a lake then had to climb through a boulder field.  At the top of the boulder field was a lake with one side surrounded by another grove of pine trees and the other side a rocky mountain.  It was quite the sight and I was content to set up camp there as I had planned.  I found a great spot with some trees surrounding it but still with a good view of the lake.

IMG_1838I set up camp here and cooked me my Mountain House lasagna with meat sauce … should have brought some pepper to spice it up a little.  Then shortly after I fell asleep in the tent with the rain fly off so I could view the stars.  It is quite the way to get sleepy.

I ended up sleeping in and so I had to just come back the way I went rather then attempting the longer route I was thinking of trying.  I got back to my Jeep around noon and headed home.

The whole time I was out I only saw that one person at the lake.  Other than that all I could see was some hoof prints from horses a few weeks old at least.  Talk about a perfect trip for solitude.