Rafting With Connexion.org

A while back I got invited to go Rafting with a group of guys off of Connexion.org.  A Guy I had been chatting with (Solomon) invited me along.  So I came to Colorado a few days early so I could go to Grand Junction and do some shopping as well as spend some time in Rifle with my dad.

Friday came along and I got myself checked into the Caravan Inn which is a nice place for the price and I’d definitely stay there again.  After getting settled in I went down to the hot springs to finally meet some of these people I was going to go rafting with.  At first I thought I didn’t know anyone on the trip.  But then I found out that Bob, who I had met at a gay even in Grand Junction, and who it turns out just lives up the street from my dad, was also there.

So we played around in the hot springs pool for an hour or so then we went and grabbed some food from Juicy Lucy’s.  Great food there.  I had a delicious salmon with herbs.  After that we headed off to the Loyal Brothers martini bar.  Sad to say I had a few too many that night.  So, the next day I was pretty hung over trying to get to the rafting event.

IMG_2553 IMG_2555

We went with Whitewater Rafting out of Glenwood Springs.  It’s the company Solomon is a guide for.  It’s a great company with great guides and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go on a day rafting trip.

38 guys ended up turning out for the event.  We split up into five rafts.  I ended up going in a raft with Solomon as our guide and Ladd, Dave, David, Reed, Christopher, Ryan, and Steve as my raft mates.

I have to say this was one of the most fun rafting trips I have been on.  The river was quite nice and had some pretty good rapids.  But the crowd is defiantly what made the trip.  I can say I’m looking forward to it again for sure.

The trip starts up above Bear Creek on I-70 East of Glenwood Springs.  Then we stop for lunch at the rafting headquarters in Glenwood.  After lunch we took the rafts and some ducky’s ( 1 and 2 man inflatable Kayaks)  At the first set of rapids with these I ended up flipping over.  I was trying to get over to one side of the river and didn’t make it there in time and also didn’t get straightened out in Time.  I forgot the easiest way is to paddle backwards if you want to get pointed in the right direction.  So when I hit the first wave it just tumbled me over.  I was able to get  back to my ducky, grab my nalgene and get back up on my boat just fine though 😀


We took out at New Castle and headed back up to the rafting building then headed out for a brew and some wings at the Brewpub.  After that I had a fresh eclectic cuisine at the Rivera.  I ended up getting the calamari and a baby bok choy salad with duck and a miso vinaigrette dressing.  Mmmmm.

After there and some interesting confrontations with the police and two of our group members, (they were being too loud and obscene with family and children around), we headed back up to the Loyal Brothers for some more drinks.  And we had another interesting event with one of the same guys from the police incident.  He ended up attacking one of the Cougars there at the bar.  A couple of the others in our group kindly made him get up and found someone to take him back to his motel room.  A little bit after this everyone started turning in and we ended such a great trip by midnight Saturday night.