Biking Roho


So I finally decided to do the Wednesday night group ride here in Vernal.  I have been putting it off for the past while because it intimidated me when I would get seriously winded and some times want to puke my guts out on “Mellow” Monday.  So I kept asking myself .. if this is mellow, what is a regular ride like?  Well I finally found out.  Of course the first time out I ended up going on a black diamond run (Very technical).  While at first I didn’t think this was the best choice … it may have been better that way.  Since my handicap is the cardio portion.  I don’t have the endurance most the guys have that do XC.  But I did make up for it in the technical sections for the most part.  Well with the exception of wrecking three times.  But at least I fared better than two of the other guys riding.  One of them got a dislocated pinky finger and thrashed his leg.  The other guy sprained his ankle.

Anyways,  The trail was AMAZING and though it kicked my ass I can’t wait to do it again.


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