Gay Pride Weekend

Last weekend was Salt Lake City’s Gay Pride weekend.  I had my best friend from Phoenix coming up to visit for the weekend.  I headed out early and went and visited my Grandma and some friends down in Happy Valley (Utah Valley)  Then Thursday evening I headed up to SLC for the rest of the week. 

It sure was nice to be back around friends and hanging out at some of the old places I used to go.  Plus I got to try out some great new places like Jam.  They had some great beers that I fell in love with like the Wasatch Brewery’s Nitro Cream Ale…  Yummmm!!!!

Sunday we woke up and headed down to the parade .. and sure enough .. Utah Rained on our Parade 😦  Though it didn’t stop everyone from coming out and enjoying themselves.  We just had to bring umbrellas.  I sure did feel sorry for the boys on QUAC though.  Out in the cold rain in nothing but a Speedo!

IMG_1036IMG00078 IMG_0938IMG_0961 IMG_0969

All in all I am extremely surprised my liver was able to take all the alcohol I consumed over the weekend.  But what a fun weekend at that.

IMG_2455 IMG_2479 IMG_2482 IMG_2486 IMG_2491   

And with that note I’ll post an album of some of the “Interesting” folk in the pride parade ….

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