Biking in Grand Junction, CO

My brother called me Thursday evening and told me that there was a Fat Tire Festival in Fruita, CO over the weekend.  He wasn’t able to go since he had other stuff to do.  When I mentioned it to my lil sis she really wanted to go.  After a short talk to her Girlfriend she had a go ahead on heading to GJ for the weekend.  It was an easy sell since Mandy wanted to get out of the house anyways and also loves to go visit her sister.

We got to Junction around 8:30 which was just in time to order some food from the bar her sister worked at before they closed down.  Thanks to Mandy insisting on having Yager-Bombers with our beer, we were all pretty damn trashed by the end of the night :-/  So in the morning we all woke up with pretty bad hangovers.

 Mandy getting a little too frisky Andrea kissing her prince Mandy climbing on top of a woman Andrea riding the Elk Drunk Driving

We hit the trail on an amazing ride just outside of Grand Junction on the Tabeguache trail system.  We ended up going on the Miramonte/Lemon Squeeze loop.  It has one hell of an uphill for the first 1/3 of the trail then a bunch of downhill with some more uphill then one more downhill on a crazy switchback.

Miramonte/Lemon Squeeze Trail

The sad part of the whole weekend is that we were supposed to go to the festival Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  But Saturday evening it was storming pretty bad and by the time we got there Sunday they were packing up the Festival 😦  No Fat Tire beer garden for me 😦

Andrea taking a break Andrea Biking Me Biking Overview of the trails Overview of the trails Andrea riding down the Switchbacks

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