Mtn Biking

Since I’ve been back to vernal I’ve been mtn. biking a few times.  The first time I went on a cross country trail with my lil sis just west of Vernal out in the McCoy Flats.  We decided to go on Milk and Cookies for our first time out.  It was a great time.  Part of the way through though my pedal came off my bike.  I was able to put it back on thankfully and continue with our ride.

Cookies and Cream


Today I went with my brother down Red Mtn. My bike was in the shop so I used his extra downhill bike, the same one I used in Moab to go down porcupine rim.   I got to try out the single track trails my brother has been working on.  It sure was fun.  Though there are some drops I don’t think I’ll ever hit.  Seeing how they are 5 or 6 foot drops.  Towards the end I was taking pictures and one of the guys I was riding with tried to pull off a 180 and instead crashed and landed right on me.  I only got a picture of him doing part of the 180.  I wish I would have had it on video.  Probably would have been a lot more exciting.

Red Mountain – 5.3 Mile One Way Trip

Red Mtn Biking Trail

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