Driving back home

Well, I’m sitting here in Scipio, UT taking sort of a mandatory break from the long drive.  As I think I posted earlier I am moving back to Utah.  And this was the weekend I decided to get out and do it since I had finally packed up all my stuff into the Jeep.

Ready to Leave the Condo in Phoenix :(

Yesterday the trip went very well even though I wasn’t able to get out of Phoenix until 3 PM.  Which is about three hours later than I wanted to.  But such goes life.  I ended up staying in Las Vegas with my friend Mike who just recently moved there from Flagstaff, AZ.  I got to see an amazing sunset in California with some ocotillo’s and some jagged mtn’s in the background.

Sunset in California

I got on the road today (Sunday) at about 9 AM and started heading up to Salem to visit my grandma.  I have been stopping quite a bit for short breaks since I’m really sick of driving.  A couple miles back my jeep started getting hot.  So I backed off and drove really slow up the remaining of the pass.  I was hoping it would cool down on the downhill slope of the pass but that wasn’t the case.  So I pulled into this Gas Station/Rest Stop to let it cool down for a half an hour or so.  I sure as hell hope my jeep is going to be alright.  I guess its overheating problem still exists.  Though I think just driving around it would be just fine.  It just doesn’t seem to like towing a trailer for long periods of time now 😦

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