Renegades a Red

My brother, sister, Joel, and myself went down Red Mountain on my brother new trail last night.  We also participated in our new ritual of building a fire at the end of the trail, roasting some links, and drinking a few beers.  We didn’t get home until 11 PM.  So made for a long but fun night.

Here are a few pictures I got to take.  Next time we need to go earlier so I can get some better pictures.

Joel Joel

  Spencer Spencer

Biking in Grand Junction, CO

My brother called me Thursday evening and told me that there was a Fat Tire Festival in Fruita, CO over the weekend.  He wasn’t able to go since he had other stuff to do.  When I mentioned it to my lil sis she really wanted to go.  After a short talk to her Girlfriend she had a go ahead on heading to GJ for the weekend.  It was an easy sell since Mandy wanted to get out of the house anyways and also loves to go visit her sister.

We got to Junction around 8:30 which was just in time to order some food from the bar her sister worked at before they closed down.  Thanks to Mandy insisting on having Yager-Bombers with our beer, we were all pretty damn trashed by the end of the night :-/  So in the morning we all woke up with pretty bad hangovers.

 Mandy getting a little too frisky Andrea kissing her prince Mandy climbing on top of a woman Andrea riding the Elk Drunk Driving

We hit the trail on an amazing ride just outside of Grand Junction on the Tabeguache trail system.  We ended up going on the Miramonte/Lemon Squeeze loop.  It has one hell of an uphill for the first 1/3 of the trail then a bunch of downhill with some more uphill then one more downhill on a crazy switchback.

Miramonte/Lemon Squeeze Trail

The sad part of the whole weekend is that we were supposed to go to the festival Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  But Saturday evening it was storming pretty bad and by the time we got there Sunday they were packing up the Festival 😦  No Fat Tire beer garden for me 😦

Andrea taking a break Andrea Biking Me Biking Overview of the trails Overview of the trails Andrea riding down the Switchbacks

Mtn Biking

Since I’ve been back to vernal I’ve been mtn. biking a few times.  The first time I went on a cross country trail with my lil sis just west of Vernal out in the McCoy Flats.  We decided to go on Milk and Cookies for our first time out.  It was a great time.  Part of the way through though my pedal came off my bike.  I was able to put it back on thankfully and continue with our ride.

Cookies and Cream


Today I went with my brother down Red Mtn. My bike was in the shop so I used his extra downhill bike, the same one I used in Moab to go down porcupine rim.   I got to try out the single track trails my brother has been working on.  It sure was fun.  Though there are some drops I don’t think I’ll ever hit.  Seeing how they are 5 or 6 foot drops.  Towards the end I was taking pictures and one of the guys I was riding with tried to pull off a 180 and instead crashed and landed right on me.  I only got a picture of him doing part of the 180.  I wish I would have had it on video.  Probably would have been a lot more exciting.

Red Mountain – 5.3 Mile One Way Trip

Red Mtn Biking Trail

Back home in Vernal

After three days on the road and a few Jeep problems I finally made it home to Vernal.  Tomorrow I will unpack the jeep and the U-Haul trailer and start getting settled in.  Though it’s going to take some time.  I also have to take my Jeep in to a shop tomorrow and see what wrong with it (It started making clanking noises when it gets around 3k RPM 😦  Hopefully it’s nothing.IMG_2294

Driving back home

Well, I’m sitting here in Scipio, UT taking sort of a mandatory break from the long drive.  As I think I posted earlier I am moving back to Utah.  And this was the weekend I decided to get out and do it since I had finally packed up all my stuff into the Jeep.

Ready to Leave the Condo in Phoenix :(

Yesterday the trip went very well even though I wasn’t able to get out of Phoenix until 3 PM.  Which is about three hours later than I wanted to.  But such goes life.  I ended up staying in Las Vegas with my friend Mike who just recently moved there from Flagstaff, AZ.  I got to see an amazing sunset in California with some ocotillo’s and some jagged mtn’s in the background.

Sunset in California

I got on the road today (Sunday) at about 9 AM and started heading up to Salem to visit my grandma.  I have been stopping quite a bit for short breaks since I’m really sick of driving.  A couple miles back my jeep started getting hot.  So I backed off and drove really slow up the remaining of the pass.  I was hoping it would cool down on the downhill slope of the pass but that wasn’t the case.  So I pulled into this Gas Station/Rest Stop to let it cool down for a half an hour or so.  I sure as hell hope my jeep is going to be alright.  I guess its overheating problem still exists.  Though I think just driving around it would be just fine.  It just doesn’t seem to like towing a trailer for long periods of time now 😦

Last night out with the Boys

Friday I went out to Cherry and then to Karumbas with my friends as sort of a good by night.  I was having a good time most the night.  But at some point I got a text from Sean .. just a simple one “I’m sorry”.  I don’t know why .. maybe the alchol already in me .. but it put me a little over the edge.  I tried a few more drinks to see if I could get my mood in a better place.  But I ended up giving up and heading back to Devin’s.  Here as some of the Pics from that night.

Me, Luis, Jerry, and Frank Phillip, Myself, and Toss

Frank, Devin, Myself, and Luis Frank, Devin, and Luis

Backpacking in Buckskin Gulch

Alright,  I think it’s time for me to finish my post from this trip since it’s already been a week since I embarked on it.

Friday I was rushing around like a mad man trying to get everything gathered up and packed up.  I was actually at the meeting point doing my grocery shopping and trying to make sure I had everything and putting everything in bags or my pack so I could easily put it all in the car I was carpooling in.  The ride up through AZ and up into Utah was quite nice.  There were storm clouds and dust storms most the way so it made for brilliant lighting and a dramatic scene.  We ate at a fantastic Mexican restaurant before heading to the campsite.

We were able to set up camp before it got dark and any colder.  Then we hung out in Kathy’s nice car to keep us out of the wind and a little warmer while we chatted and waited for the other people to come out.  They ended up getting there about 4 hours after we did.  By then the wind was horrible and it was pretty damn cold.  We helped them set up their tents since it was a little miserable out there.  After everyone got settled in I went over to my tent and laid down for the night.

In the morning we got up and packed up.  Lucky, the trip leader, still hadn’t shown up yet.  We were all a bit concerned about him.  After already getting a late start we decided to forge ahead and hope he would just catch up at some point.  We were just hoping we wouldn’t run into any rangers though as Lucky had all of our permits on him.

We headed down into the slot canyon with a group of backpackers on our tail from Redline Drinks (They had showed up the night before in a huge hummer with the product advertisement on the side of their vehicle.)   At the first trail junction we turned Left and headed up the slot canyon.  We didn’t realize until a mile later when I looked at the map and realized we all had turned the wrong way.  It was a bit of a detour but it was actually nice.  We got to see the upper part of Buckskin Gulch which most people probably don’t see. 

After that we headed back and down the right direction.  We soon passed up the Redline folks (which had taken the right route).  Shortly after going down the right direction we started having to tromp through the mud, pools of muddy water (Up to waist deep), tight narrows where I barely fit through, and up and over boulders.  The first day we ended up hiking close to 16 miles due to our little side trip.  I think we got to camp around 3:30 and set everything up on a embankment.  I ended up staying up until around 8:30 before I headed to bed and tried to get to sleep over the roaring sounds of the guy snoring next to me. 

In the morning we woke up and I headed out early with Kathy.  We hiked back up the Paria riverbed for 7 miles back to the camp where we had stayed two nights prior.

All in all it was an amazing trip and a great way to get my mind off of the things going on in my life.  It was actually the best backpacking trip i have been on yet.  I plan on going back with more camera gear and more time.  I know i could take some excellent photos in there.  Such a spetacular slot canyon!