Crashing with a smack to the head.

After my last post I headed up to the same set of trails with my step-father Richard.  We went on the Bar-M to the Killer-A Trail.  It was a fun trail but a bit more technical than the last one.  I made it fine through the whole trail though.  But on the ride back to the FJ I was playing around on the dirt road and jumping off of smaller rocks.  Well I hit one and caught a little air.  But when I landed I landed wrong (Like I do all too often) and wrecked pretty damn bad.  I think my head was the first to hit, then the seat went up my ass and my shoulder and side skidded along the ground. (I think that’s about how it went at least).  Well I got back up and rode back to the FJ.  After getting back to camp and examining myself I found out I had cracked open my helmet.  I guess that’s a testament to using helmets.  I’m sure my brains would be scrambled pretty bad if it wasn’t for the helmet.  And I defiantly would have been taking a trip to the ER rather than to the Brewpub for Beers and good food.


I don’t have any pictures of the wreck itself but here is some of the view and my helmet.IMG_2184 


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