Reevis Ranch

I am supposed to be backpacking over my birthday (Memorial Day Weekend) with a gay group of people from both here in Phoenix and some from Dallas, TX.  This is being put on by a joint venture between members of and the Dallas G-Club.  Well, to prep for that trip some of the people from Phoenix decided to do a smaller backpacking trip to Reevis Ranch in the Superstitions outside Phoenix. 

It was only 6.5 miles each way so not a big hike but I sure did enjoy it.  Also had great company.  They were some good people to go backpacking with.

Reevis Ranch

Porcupine Rim

On the second day of riding and the third ride in Moab it was Spencer’s turn to decide where to go.  We ended up going to Porcupine Rim which borders Castle Valley and has the La Sal mountains as a backdrop.

We had first parked at a trailhead to a short section that would bypass a bunch of the climbing on the bikes.  But after getting our bikes off the cars a Van toting a bunch of bike riders and their bikes drove past us.  We decided to load the bikes back up and find where they were starting.  It turns out they knew a better route that tacks on an additional 6 miles to the already 14 mile trail.  The first section of trail was north facing and thus had snow and mud still.  It was a mess trying to get our bikes down the steep hillside.  But we all managed to do it without getting too dirty.  Then we had to hike up the other side to the portion of the trail we were going to ride.   At the top we got the first real glimpse of the amazing view and trail we were going to be experiencing.  The trail was nice wet sand and broken slick rock that Moab is famous for.  The backdrop was the La Sal mountains on one side and Arches National Park with the tall red sandstone cliffs bordering the Colorado River on the other.  And off to the side was Castle Creek with its spires.  And on top of all that, we were riding along the edge of a 100+ foot cliff face.

Within the first 5 minutes of riding the downhill portion I didn’t get off to the best start.  I decided to do this drop and though I made it fine off the drop my feet fell off the pedals after I had landed.  My chest went into the handlebars, the pedal tore up my leg, and the rear wheel ate my ass!  My sister tried asking if I was okay and every time I would try to talk all I would let out is weird sounds.  After 5-10 minutes I was able to regain my breathing and make sure I was okay.  I got back on my bike and just went gung ho on the trail.  Though a little more cautious about the pedals from there on out.

The first 15 or so miles were all double track with a lot of places to drop off and some places for my brother to jump off of.  The remaining five miles were extremely technical single track that you teetered onto the edges of the cliff face.

I found out the next day (Today) that 11 people have died on that trail from wrecking and falling off the edges of those cliffs.  Pretty Crazy huh!

Here’s the map of the usual route.  This isn’t with the additional 6 miles tacked on.


Here’s a video of Spencer Jumping off a ledge.

Crashing with a smack to the head.

After my last post I headed up to the same set of trails with my step-father Richard.  We went on the Bar-M to the Killer-A Trail.  It was a fun trail but a bit more technical than the last one.  I made it fine through the whole trail though.  But on the ride back to the FJ I was playing around on the dirt road and jumping off of smaller rocks.  Well I hit one and caught a little air.  But when I landed I landed wrong (Like I do all too often) and wrecked pretty damn bad.  I think my head was the first to hit, then the seat went up my ass and my shoulder and side skidded along the ground. (I think that’s about how it went at least).  Well I got back up and rode back to the FJ.  After getting back to camp and examining myself I found out I had cracked open my helmet.  I guess that’s a testament to using helmets.  I’m sure my brains would be scrambled pretty bad if it wasn’t for the helmet.  And I defiantly would have been taking a trip to the ER rather than to the Brewpub for Beers and good food.


I don’t have any pictures of the wreck itself but here is some of the view and my helmet.IMG_2184 


Biking with the Family in Moab.

I got to Moab last night at 11:30.  We stayed in an “interesting” motel.  But it wasn’t really that bad.  In the morning I met with the siblings and we headed out to go Biking.  We got up to the trailhead and headed out.  About 1/4 of a mile into it Richard’s rear derailed broke 😦  So he had to hike back to the car.  we headed on and told him to take the car back and we would just ride into town.  It was amazing riding XC on the slick rock here in Moab.  I can see why everyone likes to come here biking.  I was surprised the kids did so well.  We ended up riding 15.5 miles total.

Moab Trails

My Usual Mtn Biking Route.

Well I decided to try and give my new GPS a try on my bike (It came with a bike mount).  This is the trail I usually follow.  The route is 6.5 miles long  with a total elevation change of 720 feet.  It usually takes me just under an hour to ride it.

Dreamy Draw Bike Ride

Exercise Thrills and Woes

Yesterday I decided I was over my cold enough to go mountain biking.  So I went up to my usual spot up at the North Mountain Preserve area which sits here in the middle of Phoenix.  I had a great ride though I was still not at 100%.  I went on a few new trails but mostly my regulars seeing how I didn’t want to push myself too much.   It was 80 degrees and the sky was overcast so I decided to grab some pictures since the mountains weren’t too blown out.  I snapped the pictures in part of hopes to lure my lil sis down here sometime to visit me and go biking with me.  I don’t think these photos does the place justice so I’ll just have to go back and get better ones.

Anyways, when I went to leave I had loaded my bike up on the roof rack.  I’ve been using the rack that I had bought for Sean’s bike the past while.  I’m not sure why but I guess in part because it looks more stable and makes the bike not sit so high.  When I went to leave I felt a little bump as i drove forward.  Then I noticed the guy down on the end of the parking lot give me a funny look.  That’s when I realized I had forgotten to put my bike’s tire in the back of my jeep 😦

After running over my tire I took it to a local bike shop to see how bad it is.  I feared for the worst but hoped for the best seeing how I had spent several hundred on that rim the last time I had an accident 😦  When I got there and told them what had happened they were surprised at the shape the rim was in .  But it was in pretty bad shape still.  He told me they might be able to get it somewhat straight but told me most likely if they did fix it that it would have more problems not too far down the road.  So I had them price out  a new set of rims.  I ended up going with a much cheaper model for now … which sucks.  But it’s all I could afford right now.  $100 was still more than I should be paying for bike parts right now but I did need it fixed so I can go on my trip to Moab in two weeks.

I finally got my bike tire picked up from the shop around 6:45 … so it was time to book it over to the Phoenix Rock Gym for my first get together with the Phoenix Rock Climbing Group off of  I had a blast climbing thanks to Lori from the meetup group.  Her and her regular climbing partner Matt let me come be a third wheel with them.  We cool turns climbing, belaying, and looking for the next route.  It actually worked out pretty good I think.  I ended up climbing for about two hours before I was dead tired.  I guess next time maybe I shouldn’t go biking just before I go climbing 🙂