Starting the Abortion Process

So I have started my workout regimen.  Sunday I went mtn. Biking, Monday I went to the Gym and then swam laps, yesterday I went on another mtn. bike Ride.  The one I went on yesterday was a killer for this out of shape body of mine.  But it felt good to get out there and push myself.  There was a couple hills thought that I took a look at and said hell no .. they can’t expect me to ride up this.  Some I did, two I ended up walking my bike up it (I’d like to see anyone ride up them)  Great news is that this cool trail is only like 10 minutes from my house so it’s easy to get to and also, there are a lot of variations.  So I’m sure I’ll be back there.  I’ll post a few pics I took while on the ride.  IMG_1283 IMG_1290 IMG_1287

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