Aborting the Baby

So after going hiking and having my back hurting soo much lately I have decided it’s time to Abort the Baby.  I have been carrying it far too long now.  I had a little bit of one going on before I moved to AZ.  But since I have moved to AZ i have felt like I have blown up like a blimp and I feel I look like I am 9 months pregnant.  Though in actuality I am probably more like 3 years pregnant.  So I have come to the realization it is time to abort.  Abort Abort, Chuck it down the Gutter and Bring me another Lover as Patsy and Eddie would say.

I have started getting back into my routine of going to the gym at least three days a week and then doing cardio 3 days a week whether it be on my mountain bike, swimming, or hiking.  Since I have come to that realization I have now been hiking up a couple of the peaks here in Phoenix including Squaw Peak (though I had to stop a few times because my back hurt).  And I’ve been mountain biking several places around the valley including an extremely fun competition track in the McDowell Mountains.  I want to go back to that track because the wildflowers were absolutely beautiful and I would love to take some pictures of them along the way.

I have attached one of the pictures I took from Squaw Peak.  I know they are shitty pics, but what can you expect from a camera phone (remember my good camera got stolen)

img012 img013

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