Mountain Biking

Well I have gotten the Mtn Biking Fever lately.  I just can’t seem to get enough of it.  I guess it’s a good thing and I better do as much as I can while I still can.  Soon it will be so hot I will only be able to ride in the wee hours of the morning before the sun comes out, or drive a couple hours where it’s cool enough to ride.

I’ve been spending most of my time on a trail system here in the phoenix valley.  It’s Trail 100 and it runs from 7th Ave over to Tatum.  It basically skirts on the north side of the North Mountain and the Phoenix Mountains.  It’s a really fun trail to bike on but can be a killer of a ride.  I have only ridden it in sections so far.  It’s a 10.7 mile trip one way.  I guess my ultimate goal would be to do a round trip of the path.  The first time I did a 6 mile trip, next time I did a round trip that totaled 7 miles, and Monday I did an 8 mile round trip ride.

I have my bike loaded up on my Jeep and am waiting to head up there to do another ride.  I’m not sure what section I’m going to ride today and how long of a ride I am going to do.  I guess I will decide once I get there.  I wouldn’t mind going on a route that takes me close to the wildflowers so I can take some pictures of them. 

I feel elevated that I found an outdoor escape within this monstrosity of a city.  The other day when I was out hiking with a friend on Trail 100 I think we heard some coyotes.  They were barking and howling like them and there wasn’t anyone in sight that had dogs that would have been making the noises.  So I think there were some out there.  It was a tad bit creepy.


My sister told me to be a good parent I need to put up a picture of my cat.  So here she is.  I know it’s not the best picture but she doesn’t like to hold still and pose for me very much.  Maybe one of these times I can get her when she is sleeping or just waking up.


Starting the Abortion Process

So I have started my workout regimen.  Sunday I went mtn. Biking, Monday I went to the Gym and then swam laps, yesterday I went on another mtn. bike Ride.  The one I went on yesterday was a killer for this out of shape body of mine.  But it felt good to get out there and push myself.  There was a couple hills thought that I took a look at and said hell no .. they can’t expect me to ride up this.  Some I did, two I ended up walking my bike up it (I’d like to see anyone ride up them)  Great news is that this cool trail is only like 10 minutes from my house so it’s easy to get to and also, there are a lot of variations.  So I’m sure I’ll be back there.  I’ll post a few pics I took while on the ride.  IMG_1283 IMG_1290 IMG_1287

Aborting the Baby

So after going hiking and having my back hurting soo much lately I have decided it’s time to Abort the Baby.  I have been carrying it far too long now.  I had a little bit of one going on before I moved to AZ.  But since I have moved to AZ i have felt like I have blown up like a blimp and I feel I look like I am 9 months pregnant.  Though in actuality I am probably more like 3 years pregnant.  So I have come to the realization it is time to abort.  Abort Abort, Chuck it down the Gutter and Bring me another Lover as Patsy and Eddie would say.

I have started getting back into my routine of going to the gym at least three days a week and then doing cardio 3 days a week whether it be on my mountain bike, swimming, or hiking.  Since I have come to that realization I have now been hiking up a couple of the peaks here in Phoenix including Squaw Peak (though I had to stop a few times because my back hurt).  And I’ve been mountain biking several places around the valley including an extremely fun competition track in the McDowell Mountains.  I want to go back to that track because the wildflowers were absolutely beautiful and I would love to take some pictures of them along the way.

I have attached one of the pictures I took from Squaw Peak.  I know they are shitty pics, but what can you expect from a camera phone (remember my good camera got stolen)

img012 img013

Loosing My Camera

So I decided it was about time to start blogging agian.  And in tradition with the rest of my blog I will start off with the bad stuff. 

Well I got my Jeep broke into about a week ago.  


They Ended up stealing my MP3 Player, Jacket, Camera, Lenses, and camera accessories that was sitting under my jacket.  So it sort of sucks living without a camera for the time being.  I do have my little point and shoot but I was wanting to go out taking pictures of the wildflowers this weekend.  Not sure if that is going to happen now.