Trip to Vernal

Well, I went on a trip back home to vernal for almost two weeks.  My brother wanted me to watch his kids while he went off to Canada for the weekend.  It was actually a lot of fun watching them.  I rode my bike around a bunch (had a trailer hooked to it to haul Rylee around with).  We also spent a couple days in the park, went camping, and watched a few movies.

Sean came out to visit me for one of the weekends and it was good to have him out.  The kids seemed to get along really well with him.  Rylee took a special attachment to him (kept on cuddling up with him and falling asleep)

We celebrated my birthday and my mom’s birthday while I was out there.  I ended up going out to the local str8 bar and got trashed with my Sister, her Girlfriend, and my ex Jay.  It was a good time until the drama started happening outside.  Then it was time to leave. (It wasn’t our drama .. just someone wanting to fight and someone crying because someone they knew died).

After Spencer got back on Sunday I went over and spent the night at my dad’s house.  The next day I hung out with him and took some pictures with his huge new lens (pictured below) until noon.  Then I made my journey back to Phoenix.

After I got home I only had like 7 or so hours to spend with Sean before he had to take off to Hawaii.  And most of all that time was actually spent sleeping as I was dead tired from driving.

Me taking Photos

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