Vacationing in Florida

Where do we start?  So much has changed in the past few months.  I guess I could start at the begining.
Back in January I went to Phoenix, AZ to visit a friend for a couple weeks.  Well I had  great time while down there and didn’t want to go back to SLC.  And besides that I also happened to meet someone special.  After being back in SLC for a couple weeks, Sean (the guy I met in Phoenix) came to visit me in SLC for 5 or 6 days.  Needless to say we have hit it off pretty well.
After staying in SLC for only 3 – 4 weeks I headed to Vernal to spend time with the family, plus, I helped out my sister by watching the girls while she went on a vacation herself.
Well, After that i headed down to Phoenix agian to spend some more time with Sean and try to get to know him some more.  Well, After being there for a few weeks my roomate in SLC informed me that he was moving and was selling his house so I needed to move out by April 15th.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my life at that moment.  Well after alot of contemplation and talking with Sean, he invited me to stay ith him and give that a shot.  I accepted and we made the plan to move the rest of my stuff down (I already had some of my clothes and such there).
So I made the move over Easter weekend (Sean came out with me and helped me move my furnature to store at my mom’s and met the family while he was at it).  On the way home we stopped at Moab and Arches National park then we headed home to Phoenix.
After only being home for a week or so we actually took off on a vacation / work trip for Sean to Florida.  This pretty much brings this blog current now. 
So on with my Vacation.  We landed in Florida on thursday and hav been having one great vacation soo far.  We went shell hunting on the beach on Friday, Laid out on the beach on Saturday, then rode the bikes around today (Sunday).  Tomorrow we head to Orlando, FL which is where Sean is doing his work.  WE might get a chance to go to Universal Studios.  I’ll update this post at a later time and put some pictures on it.  Right now it’s time to get to bed.