So, here I am on my last day in the sun. Tomorrow I head back to Salt Lake City, and back to the cold. Today we will be going on a hike for a last thing to do down here. I am not quite ready to go home though. I keep on having conflicting feelings about what to do with my life. I am starting to get very tempted to move down here. I guess I just need to spend more time down here and try and figure out what I really want and if this place would actually work for me. Even if I did want to move however … it would be quite some time before I did it.

Guadalupe –

I went on a little ride with my frineds to Gauadalupe last weekend (it is a small town next to Mesa, AZ).  It was an interesting ride.  It sure did make me thankful for all that I do have.  The people in the small town looked more like they were living in another country rather then here in AZ.  It was as if I took a trip myself to a little mexico I guess.    It’s sad some people are less fortunate but I guess in reality even they have it better then alot of people in the world.  Such as the people when my mom visited Peru how the people lived.  Or when my grandma went to Africa.   It is things like this that make you greatful for your life.  Even though sometimes I wonder if I would have it better off if I did have less.  Sometimes having too much or valuing such things lead to more stress and less hapiness.  Humm … Food for thought.   Well time for me to go take a nap.  Good Day.

I have attached some pictures I have had taken since down here.  I know I have not been taking many photo’s lately but will hopefully be getting more back into that. 

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