Typhoid Mary

My Last post I showed a wound that i had on my back.  Well ….. Come to find out that little wound devided and conquered.  After probably 7 doctor visits and 11 pockets of puss getting lanced, the doctor cultured my back and ran some tests on it.  It turns out that I have something called MRSA.  And from all this I get the nice present of one hell of a scarred back.  Well anywhoo … I feel like shit at the moment so not going to go into more detail.  But I will leave you with a few new pictures 😉

A Padded cell wouldn’t help

I guess a padded cell wouldn’t have helped me after all.
My latest adventure is now I seem to have a cyst on my back. 
It all started from a tattoo I got on my back (See earlier posts).  I guess the lotion I decided to use made my back break out in acne.  One of the zits got irritated and became a cyst (or absessed ..I don’t rember what they call it).
Well I have now gone to the doctor twice and been cut open and probed around by a knife twice.  Then when she is done cutting me open she proceeds to push on it as hard as she can to try and milk all the infection out of me.
I have been pretty high on pain killers since last friday and was just getting off of them before she decided to dice me open agian today.  So I am now back on them.  I usually hate the stuff and won’t take it, but if I don’t it feels like I have a knife in my back all the time.
Now I just wait for thursday to see if It is still bad.  If so I guess I head off to a surgeon this time.