A little slip and slide

I was on my way back home from Vernal and I decided to take a scenic route home this time instead of taking highway 40 once agian. 
I was going to head west out of Roosevelt and go up over Wolf Creek pass.  I have been once before with my sister and it is a pretty drive.  Well, I got lost on my way to hanna and took a couple wrong turns.  This is when I got out my laptop and was going to get directions with mappoint and my GPS.  At first it tried leading me down a road cloased to all but Tribal Members.  
After finding my way I needed to go to get back on route it started taking me on a dirt road up over a mountian.  On the other side of the mountian as I was going downhill I started running into some hard rain.  I had put it into four wheel drive.  But as I hit a bad patch of mud that didn’t matter.  I ended up sliding off the road and hitting into some trees head on.
Both of my airbags had deployed and the smoke was filling my car.  I sat there for a minute or two because I was a little confused about what had happened.  Then I crawled over and got out of the jeep through the passenger seat since my doore was being blocked by a tree.    So I got out and looked at what I had done.  I realized I didn’t have service with my phone,  So after taking a couple pictures and gathering up myself I put on some shoes and got some warm clothes and started heading down the road until I could get cell service. 
After onlywalking a hundred yards I got a text message from Jonathan, the guy I am dating, asking if I was gonna make it tonight to watch movies and have dinner, I tried calling him but my phone kept getting a lost call.  I finally got through and told him what happened and that I needed to call my siblings to see if someone could come get me.  I got a hold of my brother buy my phone kept dropping the calls and most the words wouldn’t come through.  I decided to try walking a while further to get better reception. 
After 7 miles of walking down the road I finallyg ot cell service and called my brother then called 911.  After they found out where abouts I was I hung up with the dispatch and paitently waited for the officers to come get me. 
After they got me we went back up to the accident and I gave my report and we waited for the tow truck to come get us.  while up there even the officers were sliding all over the road since it was soo muddy.  The tow truck finally got up there and while trying to get my jeep out of the trees he got stuck himself.  He tried to get himself out with his wench but only ended up screwing up his own truck.  Finally after my brother had shown up and all of us got behind the tow truck and pushed we got him unstuck. 
After this we all headed down off the mountian and made out way home.  We finally got to my brothers house at 1:30 AM .. only 6 hours after the accident happened.   I finally passed out from exhaustion then woke up the next day to deal with my mess.
I am still waiting to hear from the insurance company wether they are going to total my jeep or not.  I guess I just wait and see.

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