Trip down the Slot Canyons in Zions N.P.

I had a friend ask me last wednsday if I was interested in going to Zions NP and go down a couple slot canyons.  After clearing it with my Boss I Said sure and started getting ready for a good adventure.  It seems all my best adventures are last minute ones.
We got down to Hurricane, UT later in the evening and had some dinner and watched the Travel channel.  In the morning after we got some coffee we set out for the park.  We went and got our back country permits required to hike down the canyons.
The First slot and also the shorter one we parked the vehicle and walked up the road about a block.  Then we hiked up a short hike until we reached a gully.  At the bottom of the gully was the start of our slot canyon.  We had to rappel down into the entrance and landed right in a pool of water.  Despite the 108 degree tempatures above, the pool was actually really quite cold and I was freezing my balls off in no time.  It was a blast hiking down this slot canyon.  At the end was a couple of pools and some of them had some frogs in them.
The second hike we started out on the East end of the long tunnel that goes through Zions park and ended up on the other end at the bottom of the mountian.  We unloaded our gear then brian drove down to the other end and parked the truck and hitched a ride back in.  Just as the one before we started rapelling right off the bat.  This second was a much more technical slot where you often time had to use your body as a wedge to keep from falling too far.  It had numerous rappels and a couple swims across even colder pools then the shorter canyon.  Al of this made it more fun and was also worrth the veiws that I saw.  I am no good at writing and describing the places I go so hopefully the pictures will be enough to entice you.  I know that both of these slots got me hooked and I can’t wait until I get another chance to go down a different one or even those ones agian.  I had a great time and made a good friend on the trip.


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