River Trip

I finally got the oportunity to go down the Gates of Lodore with my company last weekend.  I went out there thursday night and went to dinner with them for a pre-rafting trip dinner.  The next morning we met down to Hatch River Expeditions and loaded up our gear then headed out for the Gates.  It was about a 3 hour drive to the destination I think ( I put on my headphones and slept when some of the members of the group started making gay comments).  Once we got there they asked if anyone wanted to take a ducky out instead of sitting in the raft (They are inflatiable kyaks).  I volunteered and we set off.  On the first rapid the other guy that was in a ducky flipped it and had to swim for a bit to get back in it.  Over the whole trip I managed to stay in my ducky and I was using it about 3/4 of the trip total (I fell in love with it)
In the ducky’s it seemed to amplify all the waves by at least 5 times.  Small rapids seemed larger and the big ones were one hell of a blast.  I ended up staying completely soked at least half the trip.  It was also a good time to have some quiet time to myself and enjoy the scenery since I didn’t have to listen to the gay comments or politics.  Neither of those should be brought on a river trip if you ask me.  I wasn’t the only one offended by them.  But anyways I was having a great time.
The first couple of days were overcast and partly rainy.  Perfect weather for rafting seeing how I didn’t get toasted while out there.
The Food was great and the entertainment from the guides was awsome.  The River trip lasted 3 days and two nights.  The Second night things got a little Crazy as Marshall (one of the guides) brought out his costume bag.  They told us we all had to dress up before we could eat.  Some of the guys went straight for the dresses such as Lutinenant Workman from the Air Force.  It made it for a good and interesitng night.  Anyways,  I had a great time but it took alot out of me.  I am still exhausted and sore from it all.  I may post some more about it or edit this post once my brain starts working agian.  But in the mean time I will leave you with some of the photos from the trip.

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