On the Mountian with the kids

I went back out to Vernal yet agian last weekend to help my brother and sister watch their kids.  My Brother ended up going to Colorado to compete in some race (he took third place … out of three people in his division) and my sister had to work and go to some wedding.  Friday night we just hung out and slept on the trampoline with all four of them.  We all fell asleep watching the stars.  On Saturday we went to the movies and after that we headed up into the mountians and set up camp at Red Canyon campground on Flaming Gorge resivoir. 

We went for a little hike around the rim after setting up camp then came back and started cooking our hobo dinners.  After eating dinner I tried to do a sad attempt at starting a fire so the kids could roast marshmellows.  I forgot my boy scout fluid so I think I ended up inhaling too much smoke before I found out pine cones are a good way to start a fire.

After that we went and stared at the stars agian to fall asleep.  We tried picking out constellations in the stars and I think Chase the oldest found 5 different big dippers 😉 
In the morning while I was picking up camp they spotted a pretty big blow snake.  I bet it was close to 5 feet long and it was interesting watching it. 
After that we headed down off the mountian and concluded our trip up in to the mountians.  I was suprised at how easy it was to have all 4 kids up there.  Usually having all of them drives me insane but this time it was actually very enjoyable.  I guess I will have to do it more

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