Must have some blonde left in me

Some times I feel purely like your stereotypical blonde.  I know I don’t get very blonde anymore but I am guessing I am carrying some lingering side effects from my younger years.  This monday I had a total moment that I am ashamed to admit.  Despite the advice of someone I am dating to stay home and take a nap I decided to go run some errands. 
I was just going to get a Jamba Juice, but I decided to skip that and ended up at the liquor store.  I got some vodka and a couple different wines to start stocking up the house.  After that I figured I needed a wine rack to hold the wine bottles.  So I headed for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Well, I forgot I had my bike on top of my jeep at that point and I drove under a sign telling me caution low clearance.  Well I definatly didn’t have enough clearance and it ended up taking my rack and bike completely off my jeep.  It did quite a bit of damage to my Jeep, the rack, my bike, and their sign.  The rest of the night my mind was a mess.  Actually it kept until the next day after I got most of everything taken care of.
Tuesday I was riding my bike downtown because I didn’t feel like driving at that point.  well my bike wheels were squeeking from the accident the previous day and I was trying to figure out which one was doing it … I guess I should have been paying more attention to the road .. seeing how I drove straight into a tree 😦  I decided at that point it was not my day and I wished I could be locked up in a padded cell for a couple days.  Hell, even my horoscope was bad that day.
I ended up going home and watching movies and staying low for the rest of the day to prevent any further injury to myself or anyone else.    So yeah … taking my rack and bike off my jeep, running into trees, and things like that I felt pretty damn stupid.  I guess I may be somewhat smart but I am dumb when it comes to common sense.
Wednsday went better and I am back to feeling normal.  I had a great date with a great guy.  I have a good time when I am around him.  I just guess I hope it continues :).  Anyways, Today has been going good and I am going to go downtown to have lunch with a friend (actually I am already downtown).  Then later tonight I do sushi with my mom and step father.  I look forward to this weekend to get out and take some pictures with my camera.  Its nice having a camera I can be creative with agian.  Even though I am seriously lacking in creativity .. but at least I can do good composure and have an understanding about lighting conditions and such.  I have my dad to thank for that with bringing me up into photography.  He has been great to me in my life and continues to show it every day.

One thought on “Must have some blonde left in me

  1. Unknown says:

    well, at least you are in one piece and did not need a trip to the hospital.  Good luck with mr. good date. 

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