A Trip across the country.

I volunteered to Greensboro, NC to pick up a vehicle and drive it back for my Mom’s Boyfriend.  I always do enjoy the oportunity to travel and explore new places.  So I figured this would be a great chance to do so.  I flew out on a Thursday after rushing to SLC the night before to fix some networking problems in our Salt Lake terminal. I flew out of SLC Thursday morning only after having some problems with my Ticket since it had been purchased on such short notice.  I should have gotten an idea right then what the trip had in store for me.
I flew from SLC to Atlanta, GA, then over to Greensboro, NC from there.  I took a taxi to my motel and settled in a little.  After a while I decided to go check out the bars in Greensboro.  After checking online and a 20 dollar cab ride I reached downtown where the bars were.  I paid the cabbie and just after he had turned the corner I noticed that both the bars I had come to check out had been closed due to loosing their liquor liscence (someone on the street told me).  So I though oh just great .. time to waste another $20 on a cabbie.  I then saw someone go into another bar called Hemmingways.  I went in there and only after loosing my hat and promising to the bouncer I wasn’t a cop (I guess they have scricter laws then Utah) I was able to get in and sit down for a drink.  The one good thing that came of the night was that they had Yeunglings beer.  I love this stuff and had only had it in PA.
After having a couple drinks there for a while I got a ride back to my hotel from a local.  That was one of the most interesting drunken drives I have been on.  We were going 85 on 35 MPH roads.  I was very glad to get out of the vehicle on that one.
The next morning I went to pick up the vehicle … to make a long story short I spent 4 or 5 hours dealing with a mess and ended up having to drive a vehicle across america ileegally (no plates or temp tags).  So after I gave up on the idea of getting the vehicle legal I headed out for my next stop.  I told a friend I would stop by Asheville, NC and check it out since he has been trying to get me to move there for some time now.  I got a room at a nice place downtown within walking distance to most everything.  While there that weekend (I stayed two nights) I got to see some really neat places and meet some awsome people.  I think the regular people there were what I loved.  I went out to the gay bars there but didn’t really enjoy myself there.  I think I would have done better off at a str8 bar.  The whole town is very gay friendly and I felt welcomed almost everywhere.
After sunday I figured I needed to head to my next stop in Louisville, KY where I had to do some work.  I stayed there for two nights as well.  I did my work training the employees there with the little time I had and in the evenings worked on some of the other problems I was having.  I also got to go out on the town a little monday night and check out some of the local life.
Tuesday they took me to Hooters (yay) and gave me that treat of an experience.  I did pick up a shirt for my sister and brother though (they thought the one for my brother was for me and was rather confused on the one for my sister).  After work there I headed to St Louis for the night.  While there I met a nice local.  Talking to him later he showed me some of the pics he has taken.  He has quite the good eye for photographs.  He showed me some he had on flickr here.  The next morning I headed across the street from where I stayed and visited the Arch.  It was an awsome experience and very enjoyable.  I think after the time I spent in St Louis I felt alot more relaxed and started actually enjoying the rest of my trip.  I hope to go back there sometime and spend a little more time exploring around.  Hopefully a week or so to have some fun. 
After that I headed across the praries making sure to keep my speed low so I wouldn’t get ticketed.  I was hoping to get across Kansas that night but that didn’t happen.  I gave up a mere 52 miles from the border in Colby, KS.  It was alright there though.  I got some good sleep and got to have some starbucks in the morning. MMMMMMM.  After that I made it to Grand Junction, CO and had dinner with a friend and stayed there the night.  Like I said after St Louis I had a much more relaxing and enjoyable trip. 
I finally made it back to Vernal Friday but could only stay for a whole hour before I had to catch a plane out to SLC to pick up my vehicle.  I went down saturday and visited my grandma then made my way home saturday at 9 PM.  Only 11 days later   I put some pictures of the Arch and downtown St Louis on here.

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