Ouray, CO

After having a tough day emotionally Friday, I took my friend up on an offer to come stay at his place outside of Montrose, CO.  I got there around 7ish and we went out to dinner then drinks.  After that we hung out at his parents place, it felt like I was home with my own family.  It was actually pretty strange.  But anyways … the next day we went up to Ouray, CO, drove around to do some sight seeing, and walked around downtown.  I was absolutly georgous up there.  It was alot like Park City, Ut only just the downtown portion of it and didn’t have all the huge mansions surrounding the town.  After Ouray we went to some hot springs (yeah .. nude ones ;).  The whole day was just exactly what I needed.  I got to do alot of thinking and alot of relaxing.  The whole trip reassured me that I was doing the right thing in staying closer to home. 
I was also reminded of what I would really like my life to be like optimally.  I know I will have to go through other stages and probably live in other places before I will get to where I want.  But ultimatly I would ilke to be living in a smaller town.. working out of my home .. and living with someone that I care for.  I do have a ways before I can reach it but that would be what I would like head towards.  But anyhow,  I was just reminded once agian how much of a small town guy I am and that a big place such as Pheonix is definatly not for me.  I am starting to wonder if somewhere like SLC would work for me.  I know it would probably be a good thing to do so I can get certian parts of my life in order.  But it still gives me alot to think about. 
I want to thank Cody for opening my eyes and reminding me certian parts of myself   It was really what I needed last weekend.  He’s a great guy that I’m glad to have in my life.  Sorry about my rambling and its time for me to go to bed ..


My Boss has once agian amazed me on how nice, helpful, and understanding he is.  I went and talked to him the other night to let him know that I plan on moving in the near future.  Like I have said I have been wanting to keep my job since I really do enjoy my work and I have learned alot from it.  But, I also have come to the conclusion that I need to move out of this area to where I can be around more friends and have the possibility of actualy dating someone.
Well My Boss was completely understanding and told me that I could work from wherever I wanted to that would make me happy.  He also said I could start doing so as soon as I wanted.  That I didn’t have to wait until any specific time.  I was soo thrilled to hear this.  I never imagined I could have a job that I enjoyed this much and a boss soo great and understanding in all of my life.  Always before work was just something to make money so I can live.  I never enjoyed working before and never wanted to go into work.  I rember the days of my old jobs (Both Electrical and Tech Support)  I had to talk myself into going to work every morning because I didn’t enjoy it.  I also would use any excuse not to work.  Wether it be a headache, stomach flu, you name it.  Often times I even did it subconciously.   But now everything has changed.  With this job I actually enjoy working most of the time.  Now don’t get me wrong, even I have my bad days there,  like when I have a huge accounting fiasco to sort out.  But now I don’t mind working my evenings on a project or putting in late nights to get something done.  I never once thought in my life that I would be a workaholic.
Most of the reason’s I love my work soo though is because I have a great boss that is easy to work with.  If I need to take off for a nephews birthday party early he doesn’t have a problem.  I almost always end up making up for the lost hours in the evenings anyways.  I am very fourtunate to have the boss I have.  And just to think he almost didn’t even call me back on my resume when hiring because it was such a horrible resume.  I am glad he took the chance on me and provided me with a job that for once I actually like.
But enough of that, So, February 10th I am going to head down to Phoenix, AZ to see if it is somewhere I would actually like to move.  I am going to go stay down there with my friend Devin for 2-3 weeks.  I just hope he stays off the drugs while I am down there.  If he doesn’t maybe I will just have to go stay elsewhere.  If Phoenix doesn’t work out for me I am not sure where I will end up.  Maybe SLC, but yet agian maybe somewhere farther away like Seattle, or somewhere on the East cost like Philly.  I am not sure where life is taking me right now but I just know for the time being its going to take me out of the basin and maybe out of the state.
Who can say though.  Maybe the end of this Journey I am taking is going to end back up in Good ol’ Vernal, UT  But it is a journey I think I need to take.