Well Christmas is finally over and done with.  Thank goodness.  I think December is the hardest and most depressing time of the year.  This December however turned out to be a decent one for once.  First I got to go to a microsoft conference wich I have always wanted to do, Then I got to have Robbie come and stay with me for 10 days.  Which was also really nice.  Then I got a really nice christmas bonus so I could do the rest of my shopping for presents without having to worry about money.  And I even got to pay off a bunch of my bills too.  So all in all this christmas was better then some have been.  It did sorta suck having the family split up but that will just take some getting used to. 
I got a couple suprise presents from Robbie and that was cool.  He put them under the tree so I didn’t know he had gotten me anything.  I hope to make it down there to visit him in January some time.  I was thinking of going down rodeo weekend but I will have to see how I sit financially.  But, Anywhoo,   Its time for me to get serious at work once agian and try to get caught up.
I just hate these accounting messes I get some times.  Like today for example I have to figure out why they are off a half a million in revenue .. that is if they are in fact off that much.  Time will tell I guess.  But I better get back on my mess.  I will post some pictures of X-Mas today and hopefully more when I get some from the siblings.

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