Flying by the seat of my pants

I guess you could say I like to fly by the seat of my pants.  Yesterday I got a call from my dad asking if I would fly to SLC to help him drive his old truck back home (He got a new one).  I told him I would.  The plane was scheduled to leave at 4:30 and I called and they said I needed to be there by 4 PM.  It was already 3:20 so I hurried and packed my laptop up (I even forgot my charger) and headed down the road.  I got to the aiport on time and got my ticket bought and checked in.  When I went through security I got a first time thing for me.  They took a little wand with some fabric on the end and basically suffed it around my laptop and in all the cracks and crevises then stuck it in the machine that sniffs for bombs and drugs and things.  Of course it all came clear though.  The ride to SLC was very smooth and soooo beautiful.  I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a plane ride as much as that one.  I got to see the sun set over the clouds and the tips of the mountians.  By the time we arrived in SLC it was growing dark so I got to see the city lights from above.  I have been on the plane quite a bit but it was verry different this time since the smaller planes fly alot lower then the larger planes so you get to see more detail of the landscape below.  I drove my dads truck back to vernal and was back in town by about 11 PM.  I am attaching a picture of the plane I rode on and a few shots I snapped from the window.


Well Christmas is finally over and done with.  Thank goodness.  I think December is the hardest and most depressing time of the year.  This December however turned out to be a decent one for once.  First I got to go to a microsoft conference wich I have always wanted to do, Then I got to have Robbie come and stay with me for 10 days.  Which was also really nice.  Then I got a really nice christmas bonus so I could do the rest of my shopping for presents without having to worry about money.  And I even got to pay off a bunch of my bills too.  So all in all this christmas was better then some have been.  It did sorta suck having the family split up but that will just take some getting used to. 
I got a couple suprise presents from Robbie and that was cool.  He put them under the tree so I didn’t know he had gotten me anything.  I hope to make it down there to visit him in January some time.  I was thinking of going down rodeo weekend but I will have to see how I sit financially.  But, Anywhoo,   Its time for me to get serious at work once agian and try to get caught up.
I just hate these accounting messes I get some times.  Like today for example I have to figure out why they are off a half a million in revenue .. that is if they are in fact off that much.  Time will tell I guess.  But I better get back on my mess.  I will post some pictures of X-Mas today and hopefully more when I get some from the siblings.

Busy Busy Bumblebeee’s

I have been pretty damn busy with just about everything lately.  This is why I have had a really hard time blogging lately.
Mainly I have been damn busy with work.  It seems its pretty much all I do these days.  But I am not complaning.  I knew it was going to be busy towards the end of the year.  I haven’t been getting overly stressed out like I have in the past.  Just soo busy I don’t know what to do next.
Every once in a while I do force myself to break away from it all and go to a movie or something.  I have come to relize the full extent of how small of a town and how redneck they seem to be.  Two of the movies I really wanted to see this winter came out in early December, RENT and Pride & Prejudice.  I wasn’t able to watch either of them when the first came out because neither would be coming to Vernal.  It doesn’t suprise me that RENT didn’t come since its a broadway play about Aids, Gay’s, and Drug use.  I was however suprised that Pride & Prejudice didn’t come here.  Instead they insisted on getting and keeping movies in the theatres that I perticularily didn’t care to see.  I did end up watching Harry Potter three times and eventually went and saw RENT and Pride & Prejudice in SLC when I picked up my friend Robbie from the airport.  He is out here visiting me now and is going to stay a full week.  It is quite the change from his sunny surroundings of Phoenix, AZ.  But, I am glad that he is out here.  I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would like to since we have gotten back in Vernal, but, I told him that I would be busy with work if he came out.  Yesterday I was at work till 10 PM and he ended up hanging out with my mom and my neices.  I wish I could have been there to see it.  They say he did really good with the kids, which is very nice to see.  Some of the past people I have dated wanted nothing to do with kids.  I just hope I can spend some more time with him later on this week and make up for the first part of it.  It has been enjoyable having him around though and I hope he is finding a way to make it bearable out here.
I was able to finally attend a Microsoft Conference in Denver the first part of December.  It was really enjoyable and I did learn alot.  But while gone my work load got even more piled up then before.  Now I am just trying to manage my time so I can peek over the top of the pile.  Maybe one of these days I will get a little caught up.
I sit here now and its 2 PM and I still haven’t gone to lunch.  Just waiting for something to finish uploading so I can get back to work.  
I got to go snowboarding the day before Thanksgiving in Steamboat Colorado with my Brother, Lil Sister, Nephew, and some friends.  It was pretty fun except the Ice was sooo damn snow packed that it hurt like hell when I would fall.  And that was pretty damn often.  Chase ended up taking lessons and he loved that.  At least this time I didn’t get a concussion though.
My dad came to visit us in Late November and we had dinner and played the family card game of Smut.  Its basically a card game where the first one out gets to put makeup or something else dirty all over the looser’s face.  By the end of the night only one person didn’t have it all over their face.  But this was mainly due to the fact that the kids were haivng too much fun painting eachother’s faces that even people that wern’t loosers got it.  I’ll attatch some photos from that night and any other interesing ones that have came up since my last post. 
But my file is done uploading now so I better get back to work 😉