Getting back to things

I’ve been pretty busy with Work and other things lately so I havnt’ had as much time to write my blogs as I would have liked.
Halloween was a little different this year.  I went out Saturday night and met some of my siblings there.  My Brother and my Little sister were there.  I went with my friend bill and my ex, Jay.  It was a pretty fun night.  It was nice to see that I could get along hanging out with my ex without getting emotional for a change.  So, now we can maybe hang out a little more togther.  Everyone in our group got along great and had an overall good night.
For halloween itself I had to take my mom down to my grandma’s so I could take them up to the airport really early in the morning.  I had to get some work done once I got down there so I went over to Borders and hung out there at the coffee shop.  This is what I did for my ever enjoyable Halloween.  Once I got back to my grandma’s that night I couldn’t sleep for the life of me.  I stared at the ceiling from 10:30 PM until around 4:50 AM when we had to get up to go to the airport.  I think I might have dozed off for maybe a half an hour through the whole night.  So that pretty much wrecked my next day up in SLC since I hadn’t gotten any sleep.  And on top of that I got sick.
So I made it back to vernal and came to work the next day even though I wasn’t feeling too well.  I got some of my work done but I went home early, then the next day I ended up staying home because I was too sick.  I did make it to work on Friday though.
I went out on Sunday to SLC to stay and get away for a while until my mom got in from Peru.  She had a great time there even though she was almost quarentined.  I guess she can’t go on a trip to a forign country with something exciting happen.  We went and ate some yummy Shushi at Tsunami’s in Sugarhouse (  I twas sooo good there.  I can’t wait to go back.
Each time I go out there it does make it a little easier to live in SLC for the moment.  But at the same time it makes me want to move out of Vernal even more.  I really do wish I could get out.  But, I don’t want to leave my job behind and wouldn’t dare leaving my boss in that state.  At least until maybe late next year when we get some of our current customers settled.  I wish I didn’t have to leave my job since I do love it soo much.  But I don’t know how much longer I can stand living alone in Vernal.  It does get lonely out here sometimes.
Anyways I am going to attach some photo’s of the Girls and also some of Halloween. 

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