Another Trip to Denver

My sister needed someone to go with her to Denver on a short notice.  So I told her I would go.  I didn’t think taking off work would be too bad for two reasons.  One was that I knew I would be working while on the road anyways.  Which I did.  I ended up working with a couple customers on some problems and resolving them for them.  Then the second reason was that I knew I was going to have to work sunday anyways when everyone was out of the system.  Which I did.  I ended up working from about 1 PM till 8 PM then a little later on in the night when I got home also.  So I don’t feel too bad about taking off friday to go up there with her.  It was just Trenedy, Amber, and myself that went.  Amber had her appointment at 1 and we got into Denver, checked in, and got some food just in time to go to her appointment.  WE got there right on time and they told us they would be with us any minute now.  We sat there for 45 minutes waiting until Amber went and let them know we were waiting.  They took her in within 1 minute after that.  So Trenedy (The baby) and I went downstairs and out into the back area that had a couple of fountians and tables and trees.  We hung out there for a bit while I worked on my computer doing some work and she colored on a page I ripped out of my harry potter book.  After a while I wanted Coffee so we went driving around looking for a place.  Amber wasn’t going to be done for at least two hours so we just took off without her.  I kept driving around and couldn’t find anywhere to get Coffee.  We were in a commercial area of town that was just full of huge office buildings.  I turned onto a side road and kept running into No U-Turn signs which is what I wanted to do.  So finally I just pulled into one of the parking lots thinking I could turn around in it.  Once I got in there I realized it was a Park with a Skate Park in it.  So I decided to just get out there and hang out.  So Trenedy and I walked around the park and she played around in the grass and chased after the geese.  Then we went up and watched the skaters wreck on their skateboards. 
After a while we decided to head back and pick up her mom.  Then we headed downtown because we were both hungry.  She slept the whole time we walked down the 16th Street Mall (An outdoor mall that runsright down through the center of Denver)  We walked from one end all the way to the other end in and out of stores.  At the other end was the Cheescake Factory.  We went in there to eat and Trenedy finally woke up.  The food was great there and she just kept eating my ranch dip and celery and some of my hot wings.  That girl loves her hot food.  After that we walked back up to the other end and Trenedy was enjoying herself.  she walked most the way up there and was having a great time looking and waving at all the people.  Then we got back to the motel and we all ate cheesecake before we went to bed early (we were all tired).  In the morning we woke up and went down and had breakfast but Trenedy wasn’t hungry for the regular.  When we got back up to the room she let us know she wanted more hot wings.  So she ate hot wings for breakfast.
We headed back to Vernal finally after noon passed.  The ride home was uneventful and long.  I just sat there and read more of my harry potter most the way back.. well at least when I wasn’t driving.

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