Twinkies and Family Reunions

So, Trenedy has found the love of very unhealthy junk food thanks to her Dad.  Her newest favorite thing to do is stuff her face with Twinkies.  Its a sure way to get her on your side in any situation.  We were driving home and she was being restless so we gave her a Twinkie.  This calmed her down and gave her something to occupy her time / mouth.  The only problem was that she stuffed too much of it in her mouth at once and started gagging on the twinkie.  She ended up throwing up all over herself plus all over her sisters head (Anwyn was sleeping with her head next to Trenedy).  So we pulled off the side of the road and stripped her down then got back on our way home.  We gave her more twinkies a little while later when we were sure she wasn’t sick.  I have attached some photos of her stuffing her face with Twinkies. 
I convinced my mom that she had to go to the Reunion this year (In the past it has just been my sister and I).  It was a good time and even though they are a religious group of people we still had a good time catching up on things.  The best part about our family reunions is that they only last 2-3 hours tops.   I couldn’t deal with a whole weekend of a family reunion 😉  Afterwards we went up to SLC and stayed at the motel  I went swimming but the pool and hot tub were packed thanks to all the people in SLC for Mormon Conference.  Afterwards I went to the bar and had wayy too much to drink with my friend Roger.  I ended up stumbling back to the motel afterwards.  The rest of the weekend I enjoyed a nice relaxing time with a friend at the house.  But now I have to get back to work and see if I can find what I did with my Mind.

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