Corn Maze with the kids

For my weekend this weekend I went on a Blind Date.  I had a great time and glad I went on it.  it was very refreshing to get out and have a good time out on the town.  We kept running into my brother and his girlfriend that night.  Went to the same resturant and to the same movie.  Then saturday I went to my bosses house with my sister and all the kids (3 neices and one nephew).  They played with my bosses kids while I hung a porch light for him.  It was nice to get up to his house and visit his family.  I ended up cutting my fingers open with a razor knife and felt soo bad about doing that up there.  I hate having them worry about me after I hurt myself.  Plus I felt bad about getting blood all over their house.
After we got done at my bosses we went to the corn maze.  This was really fun for the kids and had a great time with us.  Towards the end of having our day at the corn maze there were some amazing storm clouds that were rolling through.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of them but my little camera wouldn’t have bee able to do it justification.  The kids were having a great time jumping around on the hay stacks, and Chase, the crazy kid he is, kept trying to jump really far and would just slam into the side of the hay bails and would drop to the ground like a cartoon.  As soon as it started raining we headed back home then I got to watch all 4of the kids the rest of the night.  All in all it was a pretty good and relaxing weekend.  Well with exception to staying up till 11:30 at night on sunday working to get a customer’s server thats located in Atlanta up and running.  Then I got woken up by them this morning at 5 AM (The joys).  So here I am its just after 8AM monday morning and I have pretty much already been working for 3 hours.  Only 7 more hours left to go till i can go home and relax a little.  Hopefully I can take a little power nap before my date tonight.

A Trip to the city to clear my mind

So, things didn’t quite work out with the local river rat.  Maybe we can be friends or something.  But our differences were too much I guess.  Is what I would really like is someone I can build a life and a home togther.  Basically what I had with my Ex.  But I screweed that up.  I wish I could find someone who would rather spend time around family or the house then out partying I guess.  I sorta doubt that is going to happen any time soon out here, but I doubt I am ready for that yet.  I am still feeling emotionally unavliable and don’t think I would be up for a relationship yet.  I guess I am still having a hard time letting go of my Ex.  I still love him deeply and wish he would give me another chance.  But thats not gonna happen anytime soon.
So with all this on my mind I needed to get away for a while and sort some things out in my mind.  I do need to get my life straigthened out and work towards a better life.  I feel bad that I have neglected certian things in my life.  I have neglected my ex and some of the people close to him.  My reasoning at the time was that it hurt too much to be around him or people that constantly reminded me of him.  But that is a lowsy excuse and I really need to make it up to them.
But on with me getting my life straightened out.  I need to start spending more energy on the things in life that will help me out such as getting in better shape, fixing my finances, and education.    Maybe if I get a decent education, have the experience from my Job, and get my finances in order, some day I might be able to move to a city where I have a decent chance of finding someone to spend my life with.
Hopefully and maybe I will get lucky and find someone here in town.  I would like to do that since I do love it here.  But in a couple years if I am still here and single and able to get my life togther I just may have to move away.  But only if I have to. 
Anyways … sory about the poor pitty me story.  I do have soo much to be thankful for.  I have My Family and few friends that I do love and adore.  I also have a great boss and job that I would love to continue for as long as I can.
I did have a great time in SLC and it was very relaxing.  I went down to the library to work since its such a good atmosphere then hung out with my friend roger.  On friday evening I went down and stayed the night at my grandma’s.  In the morning we woke up at 5AM and went and hiked Timpanogos.  It was soo pretty there watching the sun rise over the valley’s.  It was a great hike but a long one.  We did at least 8 hours of solid hiking.  I am going to attatch some of the pictures from that trip to this post.