So on with my story :D

So On with my story…..
After a couple days later in the week I had to take my Jeep back in to get the Rear Differential fixed (I think this was the second  .. maybe third time)  After a couple days of talking to them I had to leave it there when I went to go on my vacation to Country Jam.  I told them I would call them monday to see if it was done (Figured 6 days would be enough to fix it).  So I went to country Jam and had alot of fun.  I did Drink a little too much and Get too much sun.  I actually ended up getting a heat rash on my legs (Looked like I had some freak disease).  But I did have a blast and was able to get my mind off of things until I got back.  When I did get back on monday after partying hard all weekend long (Boy is that tiring). My Jeep Still wasn’t Done GRRRR!!!!  I was able to pick it up later that day and things seemed to be alright for a while. 
When I got back Even though I was tired and hung over I was talked into going on a mountian biking ride down red Mountian with my brother and sister.  Even though I did biff it a couple times going down the rugged trail the real ouch was when I go to the bottom near the end I was hauling A$$ and I hit a pot hole which threw me over my bike and right into the hard ground.  My one hand held in a fist took most the impact and I thought I had broken it.  Also, I had major road rash down my chest and my knees.  But i was able to get up and ride down the rest of it really slow and one handed.  I still to this date have problems with that hand and it has been nearly a month now.
The Next week My Jeep started making the noises agian showing it might go out agian.  I figured I would wait and make sure it wasn’t livable (not too loud).  So on with my Week I went to the Rodeo with my Neice and Whitey and when I went to take some pictures of my neice my Digital camera’s screen was cracked.  So that bummed me out for the night.  The next day I left to go down to Salem to start my trip with my grandma (I know I take a hell of alot of vacations .. maybe thats why I am cursed)  I went down and hung out with some friends before heading off on my long trip to who knows where.  The next morning at 5:30 AM I was woken up to start my long day of driving.  We had a pretty good trip heading up to my aunts up in Boise, ID.  We arrived there around 4 and talked to my Aunt and Uncle.  Saw my Uncle whom has been batteling throat cancer all summer.  Poor guy lost all of his weight and looks completely different.  He used to be quite the bulky guy but now he is skin and bones. 
Next I decided to download the street maps of the rest of our trip (once we decided where to actually go) onto my pocket PC.  So I made them up on my laptop and put them on my SD card.  But, When I went to turn on my Pocket PC the screen on it too was Broke (Total Bummer huh?)
So here in three days I broke the screens on roughly $900 worth of equipment.  That put me in quite the depressed mood. 
After that I went on with my trip and actually had a great time.  The whole trip through Seattle and Olympia Pennisula was soo beautiful and green.  I have never seen quite the sight I saw up in the rainforest.  After that I got to visit the Ocean for the first time.  Talk about relaxing!  It was soo nice to walk down the beach in my bare feet.  After that we stayed in a small logging town and I got a great nights rest.  My grandma didn’t wake me up too early like she had every other morning.
On my way back through Oregon though I started having car troubles.  I would be driving down the road going 70 or so and the car would just quit.  Talk about a sinking feeling when you are on a busy highway.  So I would have to crank it off the side of the road and restart it.  So while my mind was on whether or not the engine was going to quit I got pulled over by the OSP (Oregon State Police).  I was going 82 in a 65 and got a speeding ticket for $257 Ouch huh?.  After that incident the rest of the trip was uneventful and ok.  I was finally able to make it back to Vernal and since then my luck has just been so so.  Jut been trying to deal with the things that have trasnpired.
Through all of this though I have had alot of good experiences.  But it has been quite the summer so far and I hope it slows down now and gets back to normal.  Which it seems to be doing … no more trips for me … just fishing and watching movies and playing with the kids for the rest of the summer I think.

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