If it wasn’t for Bad Luck I wouldn’t have any Luck at all

So, The past Month or so It seems as if I have been in one hell of a Dump as far as luck Goes. 
It all started out With some health problems and me having to get my Tonsils removed (Ouch).  After that I did have a great trip down to Phoenix to visit my friend.  But, when I got back my luck seemed to continue.  I started having a humming noise in my Jeep Cherokee and when I took it in to get fixed I found out that the rear differential had gone out (There went $1,200 out of my pocket).  My jeep is now in the same shop for the same thing for the Fourth time now.  I think since it first went in the Jeep has actually been in the shop more then out of it.  A Week or so after that I had to have a root canal done by a speacilist in SLC (it had some freaky hook thing on the end of it that made it hard to remove).
Then I had a break and went to Gay Pride out in SLC which was really fun.  I got to hang out with a bunch of old friends and even my good friend from Phoenix. 
I was overly intoxicated from all the festivities in SLC and was Quite hung over on Monday when I came home (Guess this is my own fault for drinking soo much).  That night I had a friend calling me letting me know he had moved back into town from Vegas and wanted to go out for pool.  So I agreed and went out and played pool and drank till the bar closed at 1:30 then we stayed up till early in the morning bulshitting.
 … More to be continuted soon 

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